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Apple Watch Helps Save UK Dad From A Heart Attack

Apple Watch Helped In Saving A UK Dad From A Heart Attack

The Apple Watch is being hailed as a hero right now because it is being reported that it helped save a person’s life who is based in the UK. The watch detected an irregular heartbeat and then proceeded to notify the user.

As per media reports, the 30-year-old is a self-proclaimed fitness buff. He was alerted by his Apple Watch that his heartbeat was getting irregular and suggested that he sought medical attention. The individual is Chris Mint, and he was quick to consult the doctors.

The doctors, at first, simply told him to get an ECG test while not being too concerned. However, the results had the doctors surprised since the reports suggested that he would have suffered a stroke or a heart attack if he wasn’t identified about the irregularity by the Apple Watch.

This led Chris Mint to consult a specialist who was able to diagnose the issue. Two heart valves of Chris Mint were leaking and required an operation for fixing it. Chris Mint’s wife shared the story with Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook via email. Reportedly, Tim responded by saying that the story inspired the company to continue pushing forward.

This is not the first time that Apple Watch has been in the news for saving the life of a person. Back in March 2018, reports surfaced that a teenager in Tampa Bay, Florida was alerted by her Apple Watch when her resting heart rate spiked to 190 beats per minute. She was rushed to the hospital, and doctors quickly diagnosed that her kidney was failing and if it was not for the quick response that was triggered by Apple Watch; she would have died.

The latest Apple Watch is capable of generating an ECG that is similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. The ECG can indicate if a user’s heart rhythm is normal or if there is any abnormality.