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Apple Sends Out A 5-Word Invitation For The New iPhone Release Event On September 7th

Exactly a week from now, rumors and speculations regarding the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 will come to an end as Apple has announced its launch date in a very simplistic way: “See you on the 7th.”

For the last four years, the company has launched new products in September so the announcement did not come as a surprise. But Apple is capable of surprising you at such launches with new updates or new products. The tech world is anticipating a new iPhone and an updated version of Apple Watch.

Apple’s announcement for the September 7, 2016 event. Credits: Newatlas

iPhone 7:
We expect the new version to be called  iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. As far as design and functions are concered, there won’t be any drastic changes but the rumor related to removal of headphone jack seems like a possibility. A lot of people are hoping that the removal will be followed by an addition of an accessory like a pair of Lightning buds or wireless earbuds powered by Bluetooth.

Apple Watch 2:
We’re expecting that if its the updated Apple Watch, it will hopefully come with a GPS system to help with fitness tracking, have longer battery life and a speedier processor

The successors to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus may not mark a radical step forward – that’s expected in 2017(Credits: Will Shanklin/New Atlas)


There is a chance that Apple will update the camera in its devices. Some sources say that work is being done on dual-camera system while others say that the new iPhone cameras will have a larger aperture. The colorful bokeh-lights on the invitation image seem to indicate towards a better camera ability with improved depth-of-field and low-light capture. But then again this could simply be event teasers that won’t materialize.

Event Details:
Wednesday, September 7th,
1000 hours PST,
San Francisco, California.

The first Apple Watch has been successful as far as wearables go, but has yet to establish smartwatches as a must-have accessory(Credit: Will Shanklin/New Atlas)

Last year, Apple’s September launch included iPhones, Apple TV, Apple Watch accessories and iPad Pro. So there is also a chance that we might see more than one product at the next week’s release. What about you? What do you expect Apple has in store for September 7th?

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