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Apple Might Reveal The iPhone 5SE On 21st March

Apple Might Be Revealing iPhone 5SE On 21st March 5

Apple has sent invitations to the media for a special event that has been slated for Monday, 21st March with the words, “Let us loop you in’. So, as expected, the rumor mill is full-on operational and it is being expected that Apple is ready to unveil the mini iPhone – the iPhone 5SE that will feature a 4” screen size.

It is being said that the smaller phone shall be of the same size as iPhone 5S, however will feature some of the newly released features from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S including a Touch ID home button, rounded edges and an on/off button located on the right-hand side of the gadget.

There are also reports of Apple unveiling a possible smaller iPad Pro, new Apple watch bands along with some software updates for its devices. iPhone 7 is expected to fully launched in fall when Apple would be retiring the iPhone 5s that will be 3 years old by that time. Fingers crossed for Apple’s event as always!

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