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Apple Is Generating So Much Solar Electricity That It Has Made A Power Company

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In a latest surprising move, Apple established its subsidiary company named Apple Energy. The American multinational will use this secondary setup to sell off the excess power being generated by the solar farms of the tech giant.

Apple is quite committed to its task of reducing the environmental footprint of the company. To that end, the company has set up massive solar farms to generate energy for the productions, operations, and the data center units.


Image Source: 9to5Mac


To keep the Apple setup alive during the night, the company is still dependent on the power supplied by the main grid. Thus, to be an environment-friendly company, Apple has to trade its excess resources for net-metered energy.

A recent filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission indicates that Apple Energy LLC plans to offer the excess power being generated by the company to the regular consumers. This implies that Apple will effectively be acting as a power supply company.


Image Source: 9to5Mac


The filings suggest that Apple intends to sell the electricity to the consumers at the market rates. This is because the company is not a significant influence in the energy sector, and thus, cannot affect the overall energy prices.

The filing was made by the tech company on June 6, and the company has asked for the go ahead within 60 days.

Before you know it, you might be buying Solar Energy from the Apple Store.