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Apple Has Won The 4 Years Long Battle With Samsung. Many Samsung Phones Banned

About four years ago Apple made a statement about Samsung infringing upon Apple’s patents and following a highly public legal battle, Apple has won. The company was awarded the rights to ban Samsung devices.

The victory, despite being about 4 years late, is a symbolic win for Apple that has been fighting over what was called ‘lazy thieving’ by Chief Design Officer on Samsung’s part.

The Samsung devices that have been banned by the US Court of Law include the following;

According to the court order, Samsung is to cease sales of these 9 devices in the US right away. Apple began this legal battle when it raised the issue of Samsung copying its ‘slide to unlock’ feature along with auto-correct functionality and data-linking. The decision is quite late since most of these devices have already been taken over by newer and still-not-banned versions of Samsung phones. However, this does set a new precedent.