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Apple Could Be Releasing Its Own Phablet Very Soon!

Apple's New Phablet

Apple Phablet 3Apple surely did revolutionize how we think about phones and how the common folk interacted with it. The iPhone came as a breakthrough and ever since, Apple has not failed to surprise us every time. After the demise of the company’s visionary CEO, Steve Jobs, many have questioned how long will Apple survive, but that is not the reason why we are here today. We are here to talk about a rumor that’s floating around about a ‘Phablet’ – Cross between tablet and phone. The new Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has kept his promise of keeping the company leak free and we all witnessed that during the last WWDC when Apple displayed the new Mac Pro. However, these rumors about the ‘phablet’ have been so persistent that now one site has now even made a concept video, in 3D, of what the future devices from Apple might look like.

All you tech-nerds must have heard about T3, the tech magazine from UK. They are the creators of this concept video that focuses on what the Apple’s ‘phablet’ might look like. They have done a wonderful job. The ‘phablet’ comes with a 5.7” inch screen and this concept model sure looks ah-mazing. The concept model seems to be on par with Samsung Galaxy Note II. The video does not only deal with the design but has gone ahead than that suggesting the pixel density and shows us the large battery which is supposedly there to provide a longer life to the device. The video also explains how the operation of ‘phablet’ might seem like using the latest iOS 7.

In a nutshell; the video sure has a strong case for the Apple ‘Phablet’ but we don’t see it happening anytime soon because iPad mini is doing a fantastic job in the market and one would definitely advise against bringing the ‘phablet’ to the market, that is to say if it does exist or is about to exist. Fingers Crossed!

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