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Another Person From A Viral Video Is Selling The Meme As An NFT

If you’ve been made into a meme and you’re not selling the meme as an NFT then you’re missing out on maybe thousands of dollars. As of right now, every old and popular meme is selling like hotcakes to the highest bidder. NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are kind of like certificates of ownership for a digital asset meaning they can be bought or sold. The rise of cryptocurrency was followed by the rise of NFTs and now every digital art has a value that can be sold for money.

The latest meme getting the NFT special is the “David After Dentist” video. The video is among the oldest videos that went viral on YouTube. The video showed David Jr, a kid who had just gone through a tooth removal and was hopped up on the anesthesia. The video record by his father, David DeVore, shows little David babbling about saying stuff “Is this real life?”. Guess the local anesthesia really got to him.

The video racked up around 140 million views on YouTube and now the DeVore’s have just announced that they are auctioning the video as an NFT to pay for their children’s college fees and tuition. Guess this is part of the American dream. As David Devore, the father reminisced that “It kind of feels like 2009 all over again. NFTs are like the wild west right now, it’s like back when we went viral and social media was in its infancy”.

Similar videos like the Pizza Rat and Ok Boomer will also be going on auction later this week. The David After Dentist video is the first NFT offered by Views. Views is a collective launched by viral video distributor Jukin Media and influencer management firm Night Media to help creators mint their meme-worthy content using NFTs. The goal is to help creators who don’t really know the technicalities behind cryptocurrency and blockchain and just want to sell their content.

You’ll be reading similar articles like this one really soon. We’ll be seeing a lot more auctions for memes, both pictures, and videos, as more and more creators realize how valuable their memes are going to be. Guess the internet will be revisiting all the OG memes this year.

I wonder which meme will be sold as an NFT next. Make your predictions in the comments.

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