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Android P To Be Officially Unveiled By Google Next Week

(Source: Android Central)

Next week marks the date of Google’s I/O developer conference. The conference will take place in Mountain View, California. The conference is set to include sessions, keynotes as well as musical acts. There will be a number of things on the Agenda but geeks are probably most excited about the new Android P.

Android 9 or Android P will be unveiled at the conference and the company is expected to lay out its vision of how the new features will be integrated. There will also be a number of sessions that will allow the developers to get acquainted with the technical changes that are being made in the latest version.

(Source: Techjuice)

Google Assistant is probably the most complete of the virtual assistants currently out there. The company will use the conference to highlight the changes that are to be expected after the update. The exact changes that will take place in Google Assistant are still unknown and will only be revealed at the conference.

One platform is the Android Auto which now incorporates Google Assistant. It will now also have a map listing to create a brand new media experience. This will be on both your screens, the phone screen as well as the car display. This will make it faster to navigate and become more convenient for the users.

(Source: Techjuice)

Google is also planning to introduce better versions of Chrome OS, Android Wear OS and Android TV at the upcoming conference. These are all the details we know for now. We will update you once the features have been unveiled at the developer conference.