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American Airlines Is Bringing A New Kind Of In-Flight Entertainment

Good news for TikTokers and TikTok video watchers, now your content can be viewed from high up in the sky thanks to American Airlines and their ‘free Tiktok’ promotion.

According to a press release by the airline’s company, in-flight passengers will now be able to use the famous music app for free for up to 30 minutes. Don’t worry if you don’t have the app installed because the airline makes sure you can easily download it for free as well.

If you think this was done just for entertainment purposes, then think again. This is a clever strategic ploy by the airline to try to get people to travel more frequently by air since the number has been on the decline since the start of COVID-19 last year. Recently, the airline also started offering passengers free Facebook messenger so they can stay in touch with the people on the ground. According to the press release, the ‘free TikTok campaign is in the experimenting stage right now and it will depend on the customer response and how much more travelers they can actually attract this way. If you’re thinking of booking a flight with American Airlines right now, keep in mind that this offer is only limited to aircrafts that have the Viasat Wi-Fi systems or narrow-body airplanes so make sure to get a booking for that one!

American Airlines is not the only one trying different techniques to get more passengers on board (literally). United Airlines, one of their competitors has also added different gimmicks such as allowing passengers to pre-order their flight snacks and adding planes that support Bluetooth audio for the in-seat screens. By providing free in-flight services, airlines hope to attract more customers and increase their revenue. Now you can add TikTok to that list as well!

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