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Amazing Second Uses Of Items That We Usually Throw Away

We all throw away a lot of items on a daily basis. Over the course of time, all of these items add up. It is quite a shame that these items end up in a landfill without ever living to their true potential. What do we mean? Well, of course, we are talking about the second uses of items that you normally throw away!

Check out our list of wonderful second uses of items that most of us normally discard once we are done with their primary use.

1. This carpenter didn’t buy fresh wood for the fence rather made use of old doors and ended up creating an amazing funhouse effect.

2. If you don’t know what to do with your old uniform; make a cat bed cover. The super officer – your cat – will not appreciate your service but it is worth it.

3. This former airline pilot used his stacks of maps as wrapping paper – one of the many brilliant second uses of maps.

4. A DIY-designer transformed her bland shirt ($4 shirt) into a stylish collared dress! Talk about creative second uses.

5. You can use the bits of films that aren’t developed properly for canvases for miniature paintings.

6. These innovators used the empty whiskey bottles and not only it provides them with a more sustainable option but also ‘helps our house look more rock n’ roll.’

7. This African entrepreneur makes comfortable sandals from old tires.

8. Did you know that you can transform a shopping cart into a piece of patio furniture that is durable?

9. You don’t have to be ashamed if you are among those who keep their Christmas decorations for too long. You can simply string the lights up and make your home look more festive!

10. Did you know that you can make your own shampoo bars? Furthermore, they will only cost you $20 per year.

11. You can obtain gift tags from the holiday cards and use them the next year!

12. You can use old or duplicate books for creating stools thus providing readers with a place to sit and enjoy books.

13. You can always make use of old cardboard for creating a fully customized version of drawer organizer.

14. You can use old plastic bags and weave them for creating a reusable shopping bag.

15. You can take old dresses and create baby clothes from them without breaking a sweat!

16. Grab your old pet food bag and attach a handle to it for creating a reusable bag.

17. You can weave t-shirts into a quilt!

18. Dead leaves can make all-natural confetti!

19. You can knit scarfs from tea bag strings!

20. From turkey carcass to this!

21. You can always fill your empty lip balm tubes with the homemade and organic concoction.

22. You can always transform your glass jar into a cup – talk about wonderful second uses!

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