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Al Wakrah Stadium For Qatar 2022 World Cup Has A Peculiar Design

Almost everyone is excited about the upcoming Qatar 2022 World Cup. The FIFA world cup has always proven to be one of the greatest sporting tournaments and brings days filled with passion, skill, and unbelievable displays of sportsmanship and incredible goals and saves. The world cup is two years away; however, the world is already gearing up to lay the foundations for the event. In the spirit of this, Al Wakrah stadium has been unveiled.

This was the first unveiling of a major soccer stadium, but Al Wakrah stadium is doing rounds on the news for all the wrong reasons. Whether you call it a collective immaturity level or a design flaw, the Al Wakrah stadium that will be hosting the matches up to the quarter-finals and features state-of-the-art cooling technology, has been named ‘Vagina Stadium’ by the Internet on account of its peculiar curves and the openings on its top.

Al Wakrah stadium was designed by the late great British-Iraqi architect, Dame Zaha Hadid. This is not the first time that the designs have been compared to a vagina though. According to the designer, the Al Wakrah stadium’s design has been inspired by the flowing shape of a dhow boat. A dhow boat is a conventional Arabian pearl diving and fishing vessel.

This has not stopped, however, the Internet from criticizing the design of the Al Wakrah stadium. There is no lack of ball jokes, and the Internet is relentlessly busy commenting on the stadium. The work for Al Wakrah stadium began back in 2014; however, the proper foundation work began in 2016. The roof is symmetrical and has been designed using three shells, thus giving the stadium its particular features that stand out.

The stadium will be able to house 40,000 seats during the World Cup and will then be scaled down to a total of 20,000 seats once the World Cup is over. What do you think of the Al-Wakrah stadium?