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Airlander 10 Gets Approval To Start Commercial Operations

For the time being, the world’s largest aircraft has ceased its operation. For years, the biggest operation aircraft has been the famous Hybrid Air Vehicles’ (HAV) Airlander 10. It was a big, similar to blimp, aircraft that was able to house 20 passengers and also resembled the shape of the human butt. (Don’t believe us? Check out the picture below!)

The company created a prototype vehicle for testing the concept. However, the prototype is being retired now as per the HAV. That is not the end of the concept though. In fact, the Airlander 10 is soon going into full production for a new prototype that will eventually end up serving the commercial purposes.

HAV is shifting its focus towards producing numerous Airlander 10s for commercial uses. HAV is capable of doing so now that it has managed to obtain permission from the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority for carrying passengers in the Airlander 10s. The airship will be able to house around 19 passengers and will be capable of ferrying them to all kinds of remote locations.

The Airlander 10 had a total of six test flights during which it also had to undergo a crash in 2016. The helium-filled aircraft grazed a power line and slowly sunk back to the ground. HAV had another setback in 2017 when during mid-slight the Airlander 10 detached from the moorings and deflated causing injury to a woman onboard.

Stephen McGlennan, CEO of HAV, said, ‘The prototype served its purpose as the world’s first full-sized hybrid aircraft, providing us with the data we needed to move forward from prototype to production-standard. As a result, we do not plan to fly the prototype aircraft again.’

He also said that the company’s main aim is ‘bringing the first batch of production-standard, type-certified Airlander 10 aircraft into service with customers.’ If all goes well, the company will bring its vision into the realm of realization by launching the commercial Airlander 10 in the early 2020s..

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