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AI Researchers Are “Creating God”, Warns Former Google Exec

AI Researchers Are “Creating God”, Warns Former Google Exec

In a recent interview with The Times, Mo Gawdat, the former Chief Executive Officer of Google’s moonshot group, which was then known as Google X, gave a warning. “The singularity is approaching,” he stated. It is also a huge threat to humanity, according to Gawdat.

Furthermore, he outlines technology that is easily comparable to Skynet from “The Terminator,” an extraordinarily powerful AI that may bring the apocalypse to Earth.

Gawdat reached this unsettling moment of realization while working with Google X AI developers on robot arms capable of recognizing and picking up a little ball. He said that after gradual development, one arm seized the ball and raised it to the researchers in a boastful manner.

“And I suddenly realized this is really scary,” Gawdat said. “It completely froze me.”

“The reality is,” he added, “we’re creating God.”

In the IT industry, there are many AI sceptics. Elon Musk, for instance, has repeatedly cautioned the world about the dangers of artificial intelligence eventually dominating humanity. That kind of hypothetical perspective, on the other hand, washes over the real-time hazards and drawbacks of the AI already created.

Facial recognition and predictive police algorithms, in particular, have caused significant harm in vulnerable groups. Numerous algorithms continue to spread and codify institutional racism on a global scale. These issues can be addressed by control and legislation.  

The author of the ZDNet article “Every Country Must Decide Own Definition of Acceptable AI Use” highlighted the importance of discussions to find a middle ground between commercial potential and ethical AI use so that such guidelines are practical and easily implemented.

Returning to Musk’s warning, it’s all about assuring that such scenarios are considered before constructing systems like Skynet’s predecessor. Second, technology must have the required fail-safes (for example, a killswitch) that can be activated in such a case.

Numerous companies are focused on bringing down rogue technologies. SkySafe, for instance, is a San Diego-based company devoted specifically to preventing drones from becoming rogue. However, the majority of firms using malicious AI technologies significantly outweighs these types of companies.

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