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A Mysterious Aircraft Has Been Spotted At Area 51 In Unprecedented Satellite Image

For the first time, satellite imagery from Planet Labs has displayed an unprecedented activity in the form of a delta-wing aircraft parked on its northern apron, according to The Drive.

The first shot was acquired on January 26th, 2022. The aircraft is around 65 feet long and 50 feet wide. The structure resembles that of the Next Generation Air Dominance for the USAF and Navy.

Hypersonic advanced missiles and flights are under development, and some are even launched. The Air Force is also aiming for a hypersonic flight test program called Mayhem. This seems to be aligned with Lockheed Martin’s concept of SR-72. However, there is still no exact match of the aircraft captured in the images.

There have been unclear and mild sightings of this nature in Area 51, but nothing was certain or clear enough. This sighting is clearer and never happened before. The people who test such highly sensitive aircraft know how to conceal things. Maybe they intended for it to be seen. Another opinion could be that this might be an obsolete prototype or aircraft that is just stored there.

What is known from the images is that its structure is in contrast with the wide and low-slung hangars commonly associated with subsonic low-observable aircraft, like stealth bombers and high-flying surveillance aircraft.

Some even say that it is part of an innovative testing operation in a static signature testing facility or another advanced diagnostic capability in a highly controlled and secure environment.  This reality also reduces the possibility that the aircraft we are seeing in the satellite image is some sort of a non-flying mockup.

It is also speculated that it might be the case that the hangar was once built for testing, but it never went to the operating stage. However, it is a huge space, and it makes no sense to just abandon it altogether.

The information that we have is all based on guessing. Nevertheless, the images raise enough concerns that an exotic aircraft was seen in the sensitive Area 51. 

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