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Take A Look Back At 2017’s Most Innovative And Interesting Houses

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2017 has been a year that saw many technological breakthrough and advancements in all fields of science and architecture. From 3D printed houses to graphene-based structures, the year was full of creative and innovative concepts for houses. We will take a look at some of the most interesting houses of the year.

3D-Printed House by Apis Cor:

Apis Cor partnered with PIK for this 3D-printed home that measures 38 sq m (409 sq ft). It was made with a 2-ton portable 3D printer carried on the back of a truck. The whole printing process took 24 hours and then the roofs, insulation, and windows were completed by human workers. The total cost for the project came in at just US$10,134.

(Source: New Atlas)

Kiss House by Adrian James:

British Passivhaus expert Mike Jacob and architect Adrian James joined forces to create the Kiss House. It takes less than a week to install and meets the Passivhaus green building standard. The Kiss House comes in various sizes and the costs vary but it normally costs around $2,550 per sq m (10 sq ft).

(Source: New Atlas)

Binh House by Vo Trong Nghia:

The Binh House, by Vietnam-based Vo Trong Nghia Architects, requires no air conditioning to keep the occupants cool. Its interior is 233 sq m (2,507 sq ft) spread over three floors. It allows three generations of the same family to live together while each having their own privacy.

(Source: New Atlas)

M.A.Di by Renato Vida:

The M.A.Di, by Italian architect Renato Vida, is a flat-packed dwelling designed to withstand earthquakes that can be constructed in just a few hours.  It comes in several sizes, from 27 sq m (290 sq ft), up to 84 sq m (904 sq ft). The M.A.Di starts at $25,195 for the smallest model and 73,385 for the largest.

(Source: New Atlas)

Tikku bu Marco Casagrande:

Tikku means stick in Finnish. It has a footprint of just 2.5 x 5 m, making it roughly the size of a standard car parking space. Floorspace of 37.5 sq m (403 sq ft) is spread over three floors. Pricing for a basic model comes in at $41,500, excluding transportation costs.

(Source: New Atlas)

Villa Ypsilon by LASSA Architects:

LASSA Architects did a splendid job blending Villa Ypsilon seamlessly into the hilltop it sits upon in a rural plot in Greece’s southern Peloponnese. It comprises a total floor space of 150 sq m (1,614 sq ft). The strategic placing of windows keeps the interior cool despite hot outdoor temperatures.

(Source: New Atlas)

Casa Kwantes by MVRDV:

High-profile Dutch firm MVRDV recently unveiled Casa Kwantes which is a contemporary take on 1930s modernist design. The 480 sq m (5,166 sq ft) family house is spread over two main floors. It has a large solar panel array on the roof and ensures efficient heating and cooling.

(Source: New Atlas)

Off-Grid Floating Home by Arkup:

How would you like to wake up every morning to a different view? That is exactly what Florida-based company Arkup promises with its off-grid luxury floating house. Its twin 136-horsepower electric azimuth thrusters could rotate 360 degrees to maneuver the house/vessel at a sedate 7 knots. Arkup reports that it could withstand a category 4 hurricane, too.

(Source: New Atlas)


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