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7 Games That Make Your Kid Learn Something New


Children dread classrooms, don’t they? That is because of the boredom that is associated with the classroom. So how can we make them learn without boring them to death? The idea is quite simple; you turn learning into something, which is fun. So the idea is to merge games with learning objectives. We have compiled a list of 7 games, which you can use to get your kids to learn stuff without killing them with boredom.

7. Whack-a-Word

How do you channel kids’ energy into something that is more than just a way to burn energy? Usually it is very hard to make kids sit down and play something. So this game transforms Whack-a-Mole into Whack-a-Word. The idea is to call words and then make kids race to hit it. You can maintain high score lists and make this even more interesting.

6. LEGO math

The idea is to make use of LEGOs and help the children learn to understand how fractions work by incorporating LEGOs into this process.

5. Oobleck experiment

Say hello to this fun-packed way of making children learn how science works.

4. What’s the Time

Make use of those leftover eggs and help your children learn how analog time works.

3. Connect Four

This is perhaps the most fun way of teaching your kids words. Merge ‘Connect Four’ with learning words and check out how the awesome idea works!

2. Life lessons from the iPhone game, Dots

Dodai Stewart is a Jezebel writer who has come up with a way to incorporate life lessons into the popular ‘Dots’ game. For example; Sometimes, to make a square of one color, you have to get rid of some dots of a different color. In other words: To solve one problem, you might have to tackle a different one first.

1. Making sentences with LEGO

This idea comes with infinite options to learn new stuff which may include making sentences, learning alphabets or differentiating verbs and nouns for learning purposes.