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7 Extended Warranties For Your Hoverboard

Extended warranties help ease your worry about that expensive hoverboard you have. Most manufacturers offer limited warranty with their products that can not be renewed but thankfully, there a few deals that allow you to purchase warranty even after you have bought the scooter. So consider getting one of these warranties for your hoverboard.

7. SB Scooters Extended Warranty(100$, 1-year)

This firm has three different scooter models to choose from. They offer a 30-day regular warranty with their products and an extended warranty of 100$ for a year but be warned you can only buy it at the time of purchase.


6. Hovershop.com Extended Warranty(155$, 1-year)

Hovershop.com has many different models to choose from with various functionality. Their extended warranty lasts for a year and covers Mechanical and electrical breakdowns, Failures from normal wear and tear, Damage caused by power surges, Defects in materials and workmanship, Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) &
Shipping included in the event of a product failure. This is only applicable to 6.7inch models and old customers will have to contact sales before buying.

5. iHoverspeed Warranty(100$, 1-year)

This firm does not offer a warranty with its boards, so you have to buy it separately. You can buy this within five days of your purchase.

4. I-Cruze Extended Warranty(99$, 1-year)

The warranty that can be bought anytime after your purchase of hoverboard from I-Cruze. It covers accidental damage and replacement of any defected items out of the box.

3. Verax Extended Warranty(95$, 1-year)

One year extended warranty covers all labor and mailing costs as well. It includes manufacturing defects occurring during the covered period, but it is void if Frame is bent or broken due to abuse, Wheels are bent or broken, Any sign of impact, accident, jumping, spin-outs or roll over.

2. Square Trade Protection Plan(250$, 2-years)

This deal covers all malfunctions and breakdown once the manufacturer’s warranty expires. If you buy this, you get free 24/7 customer support and free shipping on all repairs.

1. Street Saw Hoverboard (149$, 3-years)

Best value for money purchase for just 149$ you get coverage for three full years even though the manufacturer offers a standard warranty with its product. The deal can be bought from the company website without on conditions on the time after your hoverboard purchase.