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60 Desktop Background Wallpapers For Free Download In HD

When you open your computer and enter your log key, the first thing you see is the desktop. Now assume a scenario where you come from a majorly depressing school day, with a pile of homework probably the size of Mount Everest, and you need to relax a bit. And let’s just say your definition of relaxing is opening your computer and using Facebook or YouTube. Well, now wouldn’t you want the first thing you see when you open your computer to be something actually interesting or tempting? Of course you would!

Believe it or not, your desktop background will have an effect on your mood — ranging from a scenery of flowers to that of a forest, your desktop background can change the very direction of your depressing day to that of a positive one. How, you might ask. Well, a change of scenery is just what a person needs sometimes and being in the twenty first century leads a person to have a very busy life. Regardless to say, sometimes it gets really suffocating, but all that can be changed simply by your selection of a desktop background!

It is commonly said that beauty holds in the eye of the beholder. True beauty holds many flaws, yet the sense of peace that comes along with it is of great value acknowledged by all. Desktop Background has diversity. Depending on your taste, you have a wide variety to choose your preferred desktop background, be it a picture of your favorite celebrity such as Justin Beiber, to that of a rabbit eating a carrot.

Best thing of all, nobody would have the right to judge because it would be your personal computer!

Personalization is a key to owning up to the world and claiming what is yours. Having your own, unique desktop background on your computer marks it as yours. As the famous Orson Welles once said, “Create your own visual style… Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

Not only that but it also describes your personality, or maybe even highlights it.

Desktop backgrounds give an outsider an insight to who you are. It gives them an overview to your life story. So next time you need to impress your boss, just put up a desktop background of Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking or such to get into the dude’s good books! It is commonly said by Lewis Thomas, “We tend to think of ourselves as the only wholly unique creations in nature, but it is not so. Uniqueness is so commonplace a property of living things that there is really nothing at all unique about it. A phenomenon can’t be unique and universal at the same time.”

All in all, desktop backgrounds are essential for every being of the twenty first century. Background does not necessarily mean behind the scenes, yet highlights something that already exists. Desktop backgrounds are a unique experience deserved by all and granted to many, simply with a click of a button. Ignoring this wonderful miracle is surely an act of ignorance. So join us on a wonderful and mystical adventure filled with excitement simply by putting up your very own desktop background!

Windows 8 Default Desktop background Wallpaper

Lake Tahoe, California, U.S.

Lightning storm

Lightning storm