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50 Bright Phone Wallpaper HD Backgrounds For Andriod And iOS Devices

We usually associate wallpapers with desktops or personal computers only. We do not usually realize that the home screen of our phones technically deserve to have wallpapers as well. I have seen people set up their own selfies as screen savers or as we like to say lock screens. But there have been times where you might have seen someone who has been going on with a phone for years but still has no wallpapers. And that defines how boring a person is. Because not only do wallpapers cheer you up when you are down but they also represent your personality; your likes and your dislikes.

Now we can divide wallpapers for andriod and iOS mobile in to two categories; phones or other mobile devices. Looking for a wallpaper for phones is relatively easy because it requires images of portrait orientation. On the other hand, looking for wallpapers for other mobile devices such as tablets and iPads is almost the same as the computer but we have to crop them and modify them so that they fit into the screen.

But at the same time, for android devices we can have a lot of fun setting up phone wallpapers. We can use live wallpaper applications in order to set up live wallpapers. They are animated, hence making your experience with your phone a lot more interesting. Most commonly used wallpapers are pictures of people. They can be pictures of yourself, a friend or a loved one or maybe your family. People also usually put up pictures of people they idealize, like inspiring political personalities, singers or celebrities. One is obsessed with people from the internet. Speaking of the Internet, people also usually set up memes from the Internet which not just make them smile, but also make people around them smile or laugh.

Girls or guys who are fashion obsessed put up pictures of models or designers, or generally any role models regarding the fashion industry for example, Cara Delevingne. They also might put up pictures which give them inspiration for designing. High school students might set up their phone wallpaper as their schedule. But a better and stylish way to do this is by customizing your schedule and the changing up of the color scheme according to your own personality than make it kind of better to look at whenever you open your phone.

You can also go with the classic black wallpaper and you can give it some patterns or maybe some glossy effects. That isn’t entirely classic and basic method to make your phone look instantly put together. Black wallpapers for phones are highly resilient and can go in many ways. And so can flower wallpapers. You can also never go wrong with putting up a small cropped section of your favorite nature or beach themed wallpaper.

Setting up phone wallpapers will always be a fun and interesting way to make your phone look very organized. These will also immediately change your mood when you are anxious or suffer from anger issues.