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5 Simple Tips To Boost Your Phone’s Battery Life

Ahh, the constant struggle of keeping your phone charged for a longer period of time. Sadly our super sleek, fast and powerful phones are still unable to keep our company for an extended period due to the small battery times. This makes it all the more frustrating as we are heavily dependent on our phones throughout the day, and being wired to a wall isn’t really the definition of being productive and proactive.

So today we will refresh and highlight some of the very basic yet useful tips on retaining your battery life a little bit longer. And while these tips apply to everyone, Galaxy Note 7 users, in particular, can chill out since they have an entirely different set of battery issues to worry about.

1. Turn the brightness down a notch: With the higher resolution, graphics and definition of our phones, the power requirement to make every pixel shine has also increased. So it is best to turn on the auto brightness mode on your phone, or at least turn in halfway down when you are not watching videos or pictures, etc. This will certainly give you a few more hours with your phone.

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2. Cut down the battery suckers: Go to your phone’s settings, and check the “Battery Usage” section. There you will see a full breakdown of apps which are draining your phone’s battery life. The most power draining apps will be at the top of the list, so you can sort them out and try to either delete them or use them less. For example, using a browser instead of the Facebook app can significantly boost your battery life.

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3. Background apps do no good: Many background apps like internet downloaders or some games etc. drain out your battery life for no reason. Keeping a lot of apps open while you are not using them isn’t really the brightest idea. Apps like fitness tracking, alarm clocks, GPS tracking, etc. are required, but other than that just go to your settings and turn off background apps that you don’t need all the time.

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4. Reduce your screen’s auto-lock time: If you are one of those people who have a habit of leaving your phone high and dry and not clicking on the power button to turn off the screen, it might be a good idea to review the screen auto-lock time. Auto-lock times range from 30 seconds to ten minutes, and will automatically turn off your phone screen after a period of inactivity, thus saving your battery.

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5. Dump the fancy wallpapers and widgets: Although these might seem “cool”, but the truth is the jumping colourful ball on your screen isn’t doing anything other than sucking at least a couple of hours from your battery. Using a minimalist theme and display settings for your phone will make it go faster and will also help the battery last longer.

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Here are some other cool tips on how you can save your phone’s battery:


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