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5 Robots Based On Real Life Animals

Biomimicry refers to the line of study where the humans defer to Mother Nature and draw inspiration for solutions to befuddling problems. The domain of Robotics has borrowed ideas from nature to come up with creative and inspiring innovations. From medical science to lifestyle and environment, robots have brought a paradigm shift in nearly every domain.

Though most of the robots were developed for use in military operations, others evolved purely for the fun of it. The design of the following robots draws inspiration from animals and birds.


5. Self-Guided Robot Fish

Created by a group of motivated scientists from the University of Essex, this highly realistic robotic fish uses AI to detect and thus, respond to the changes in its surroundings. Equipped with obstacle evasion sensors, the fish can sense and record data regarding water pollution. The AI-powered robotic fish can operate for up to 5 hours whereby it returns to the dock for recharging. Check out the video below to see how realistic its movements are:


4. Autonomously Pollinating Robobees

Depicting the intelligence of a colony of bees, these robotic bees, christened Robobees, signify a breakthrough in the field of miniature robotics. The design includes ultra-low-power computing as well as smart sensors. These Robobees have diverse applications ranging from surveillance and weather mapping to search and rescue operations in case of natural disasters.

3. Stanford Sticky Bot Gecko

A team from Stanford has replicated the Tom Cruise stunts from Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol as he climbs the expanse of glass windows along the high-rise Burj Khalifa. The Sticky Bot has been modeled on Gecko, the common house lizard, whose toes are covered with ridges swarming with millions of follicles that provide adhesion to a sticky surface as it climbs. The rubbery material of the toes of the robot bristles with minute polymer hair.


2. Festo Smart Bird

This robotic bird weighing a mere one pound can take off and land autonomously. The incredible design with carbon-fiber finish makes it as realistic as they come!


1. Robugtix Spider

Weighing only 300 grams, owing to its 3D printed parts, this robotic spider has realistic movements and precise actions. Check out this video demonstrating this charming, and at times frightening, spider bot.