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5 Most Formidable Combat Forces Based On Operational Skills

The pride of any army is its special combat force which is usually deployed when the situation becomes more than just demanding and a particular operation has to be successful. These situations may include anti-insurgency, espionage or hostage etc. The combat force is usually limited in number, however, their resources and potential is practically unlimited. We have compiled a list of 5 most formidable combat forces from around the world based on their operational skills.

British Army Special Air Service

Considered as the pioneer of special combat forces and the role model for almost all such forces, this force is trained in espionage, anti-insurgency, rescue and modern warfare. Reportedly, they are also the most advanced one. The physical competency and skill set of this force is matchless.

US Army Delta Force

US Delta Force tops the list when it comes to countering terrorism. They execute sophisticated commando training  for operations that include counter insurgency, hostage situations and other drives related to counter terrorism. Their recruitment is no walk in the park since the standards are very high and once selected, the candidates go through a bone-crushing training. The Delta Force is famous for its swift and quick movement along with the lethal skills that are  used during an insurgency operation.

Russian Army Spetsnaz

Russian Army has Spetsnaz, a highly advanced technology enabled special force that is famous for the torture training that is carried out. Training period instills the enjoying of pain into its recruits where getting severely injured or breaking ribs is welcomed with a smile. Spetsnaz is brought into action only during exceptional cases such as providing protection to certain people or performing combat operation for rescue or anti-insurgency etc.

Israeli Army Shayetet 13

These commandos have the will to stop anything in its tracks that threatens the Jewish existence like 2nd World War using the proverb whose literal meaning is ‘No more’. They are the most proactive and busy force.

French Army Naval Commandos

This force is famous for having a multitude of specialties at their disposal and not only indulge in naval activities but they are also capable of making your life hell on ground warfare as well. Their skill set includes combat driving, sea combat, long-range support, canine unite and exfiltration. They are further divided into six major units, according to the expertise and combat skills. The concerted attack by this force is known as one of the most formidable attacks in the world.

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