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5 Main Rules For Making A Modern Video Collage

Nowadays, people are hooked on videos more than ever. Engaging videos can enable the company’s brand to stand out from the digital crowd. Incorporating a video collage into the company’s video marketing platform is an effective strategy. Such is an absolute blend of information, effective messaging, and creativity.

Why Video Collages Matter

A video collage is a compilation of videos or images with some background music. This can be easily done with a video collage maker. The collage serves as a tool for presenting the company’s message and simultaneously adding some entertainment to regular video content. It conveys more with less runtime, an efficient factor for effective video marketing. 

According to the Entrepreneur, a recent report revealed the consumption of video content on Facebook. It revealed that around 82% of people prefer video content over other forms of content on social media. Moreover, on a global scale, around 81% of companies integrate video marketing into their strategies.

Moreover, according to Bloomberg, video is more expressive, efficient, and effective compared to usual text. Companies of today need a more scalable, simpler, and smarter way of executing the power of videos. 

The visuals brought about by video collages have many advantages that go beyond video quality. Using video collages helps the company effectively and efficiently communicate key messages while reducing stress. Also, they help in making the experience engaging for viewers. This, in turns, boosts viewership and engagement as well. 

That being said, making a video collage could indeed do wonders for a company. For those who need help, here are some rules to adhere to when it comes to making a modern video collage. 

Rules for Making a Modern Video Collage

Use visuals of identical quality

To ascertain that the video collage has the most influence, use visuals that are of similar quality. As much as possible, choose HD visuals. It will immediately boost the impact of the video collage. 

The use of visuals of identical quality will ensure that the viewers are not overwhelmed. Also, this uniformity will synchronize the message and make it clear and easily digestible. Upon choosing the visuals, pick the ones that are not too zoomed in or zoomed out, as they could lessen the impact.

Ensure the text does not obscure elements of the collage

Text can either support or obscure the elements of the video collage. Choose it discreetly so that it does not result in the latter. Upon adding text, go for a comprehensible, clear, and readable font. 

Align the text skillfully so that it stands out but does not take attention away from the collage. Test with the text effects and settle on the one that makes the words pop out without resulting in the collage being too muddy.

A separate cell for the text message can also be allotted. This will enable the text to be kept on a plain background.

Create a complementary color palette

Select videos and images that have complementary colors. Variably, make visuals with matching tones. If this cannot be done, overlays or tints can be added to avoid making the video collage look too busy. If nothing seems to work, go black and white.

Choose the right layout for the video collage

The layout chosen for the video collage should be based on the platform being decided to share it on and, importantly, on the target audience. The orientation of the videos and images may also make some layouts work better than others. Thus, consider the overall concept and make the selection accordingly.

Include overlays and stickers

Overlays and stickers can liven up the video collages, and in turn, make them worth the hype and engaging. Brands can also make use of stickers to foster engagement. Furthermore, video collages that feature new products, eCards, overlays, or stickers can help catch the viewer’s eye.


Forbes notes that customers of today have lives that are fast-paced and schedules that are packed. Individuals do not always have the luxury of time to sit down and browse through blogs or articles. However, video and images are faster than text.

The value potential of modern video collages does not need to be further validated. Highlight the company’s messages, posts, and promotions with video collages. It works great in making the message strong and clear.

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