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5 Devices You Can Take On Flights To Beat The Electronics Ban

Plane laptop ban what to do


The airplane electronics ban in flights to Europe and U.S. might be permanent, and there are even reports of the ban being expanded from the current eight Middle Eastern and African countries to the European countries. So carrying a laptop, or anything larger than a smartphone into the plane cabin is a bust; what can you do to kill time and avoid the mind numbing boredom?

1) Bluetooth keyboard


If you are one of those people who like (or have to) work while on the go, the laptop ban is a huge bummer! One way around it could be taking a Bluetooth keyboard with you and using your mobile’s screen to get the work done!

You can buy a foldable Bluetooth keyboard, which will cost you about $40 for a WIZO one and $70 for Zagg’s Pocket Keyboard.

2) Samsung Gear VR


You don’t need big screens for entertainment, strap on the Samsung Gear VR which only needs a Samsung phone and doesn’t have its own battery, so rest assured you will not be made to put it in your bag.

3) Portable Games


Most of the cool portable gaming platforms aren’t allowed, so you can’t bring the Nintendo Switch or the 3DS XL and PS Vita.

But aside from games on your phone, you can carry a Game Boy Micro, which is sold on eBay for $100 and features awesome games Nintendo’s Mario, Zelda and Pokémon franchises.

4) GoPro/point-and-shoot camera



Just imagine where Casey Neistat would be if he were a Middle Eastern traveler who had his DSLR taken away by the ban! Anyways, you can use either your phone or a GoPro/ point-and-shoot camera if you want to continue your Vblogging on the plane.

5) Fidget Spinner


This is not an option, but a must when you finally manage to pass through the layer after layer of harassment (security) at the airport. Fidget spinners are a great way to release tension and kill time when on a long flight!

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