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5 Benefits Of Using Automatic License Plate Recognition

With every passing year, security needs become more sophisticated in response to evolving technologies. Automation, in particular, has revolutionized how organizations protect their intellectual property and assets. 

Automated license plate recognition (ALPR) is an innovative solution used to automatically record license plates when entering a facility. It’s commonly used by airports, parkades, toll routes, and secure businesses to assist with security, billing, and information tracking.

Here are five benefits to using an ALPR system to consider for your organization.

Enhanced Security

One of the primary benefits of using an ALPR system is improved security. Implementing an AutoVu solution in tandem with CCTV video surveillance is the foundation of an integrated security system to monitor and protect premises in real-time. While security personnel are still incredibly beneficial, these systems ensure that the area is covered when personnel is elsewhere. It also allows security personnel to monitor several areas at once without running the risk of missing important information.

Using an ALPR solution doesn’t just aid with reactive security; it’s a preventative measure. You can use this software to ensure only approved vehicles can gain access to the lot in controlled access facilities. Furthermore, if someone questionable knows their license plate is being recorded and monitored, they’ll be less likely to attempt to enter the facility. Many criminals are opportunists — removing that opportunity is an integral first step in improving security.

Reduced Resource Requirements

Using ALPR also helps reduce resource requirements to keep your property safe and secure. This feature has budgetary benefits, as less security personnel is required to monitor the area. Security personnel can monitor the situation using video surveillance and ALPR rather than walking around the premises. This aspect of enhanced security also helps keep your people safe. 

As most facilities require monitoring 24/7, using ALPR systems can dramatically cut back on staffing costs and improve the overall return on investment. Furthermore, as security personnel have this powerful tool at their disposal, the system could improve staff retention.

Improved Accuracy

Eyewitness accounts are notoriously inaccurate, a well-known fact that could hurt a case in the court of law if you’re relying on statements from security personnel. Additionally, a security officer may not get the entire license plate in an emergency, creating challenges in identifying and charging perpetrators who trespass or engage in illicit activity on your property. 

ALPR systems don’t just record the license plate number; they also identify the speed, make, and color of a vehicle. These systems are designed to work in extreme weather and provide consistent results, whether it’s day or night. Furthermore, the recording helps review the information rather than relying on a potentially skewed eyewitness recollection. 

Improved Efficiency

Using ALPR isn’t just for improving site security; it can also improve efficiency. Rather than relying on staff to manually record who is entering or exiting a site and when, ALPR handles it without interrupting traffic flow. If license plate tracking is used for billing purposes, these systems can also be integrated to include the overall invoicing flow. 

As the system works efficiently, ALPR reduces traffic build-ups in high-traffic areas like parkades, airports, and so on. The improved traffic flow can help prevent accidents and hold-ups that increase liability and costs.

Provides Practical Data

Finally, ALPR systems provide practical data that can be used to inform decision-making for companies and organizations. For example, an ALPR will highlight high-traffic times and inefficiencies for improvement opportunities when used in a parkade. The data can help determine whether more space or optimization is worth the investment. 

Automatic number plate recognition offers several benefits, from cost savings to improved efficiency and security. You can rely on the data provided regardless of the weather, staffing issues, or security risks for a wise investment that pays returns. 

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