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30 Pictures of Flag of Christmas Island For Download

The flag of Christmas Island was unofficially applied in 1986 after being chosen the champion in competitors for a flag for the area. Mr. Tony Couch from Sydney, Australia designed the flag. The flag was made official on Australia Day, 2002 when he was the administrator of this territory.

The flag of Christmas Island includes a blue and green background, divided the top remaining corner to the end right. These colors are intended to signify the land and sea respectively. The Southeast Cross constellation seems to be in the end remaining of the flag in the same manner as this indicates on the flag of Australia. In the top right, the fantastic golden bosun fowl, one of 6 races of the white-tailed tropicbird, seems to be. It is considered to be an icon of the Island. The last design seems to be in the center of the flag on a fantastic golden disk is the map of the area in green. The disk itself was initially only included to balanced out the green color of the map, but has become connected to the exploration industry.

In 1986, the national assembly of Christmas Island announced a competitor to design both a coat of arms and a flag for the area. There was an award hundred dollar, and some sixty nine entries were presented. The winning distribution was made by Tony Couch, a citizen of Australia but who had previously worked on Christmas Island. The new flag was announced on Apr 14, 1986 by the Christmas Island Assembly

The first attempt to make the flag official happened in 1995 when the Reverend of the Islands at the time took the view that execution could take position on Australia Day 1996 via a official statement by the Administrator rather than an change to the Christmas Island Act 1958. Although this was decided, the announcement never took position.

Subsequently, Christmas Island official Grettle Dunt enhanced the issue in 2001 and the flag was officially announced the official flag of Christmas Island on Australia Day 2002, by the administrator of the area, Bill Taylor. Councilor Mariam Kawi approved the flag as an associate of the Shire of Christmas Island.