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25 Stair Design Ideas For Your Home

“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”



A staircase does a lot more than just connecting different levels in your home. Sometimes stairs are taken for granted; but its visual presence is a major architectural statement and a feature that can turn an ordinary and simple entryway into an elegant and jaw dropping grand entrance. Although it is usually basic and simple, but in actual your staircase can help define your taste and style. You can update the overall look and feel just by adding a uniquely designed staircase with beautiful and intricate railing and interesting materials. Often staircases look as if they were overlooked during home design but make sure you don’t.

Stairs aren’t just a link between two floors but it is an integral part of the house’s design and style in most situations .if you are building a house and it needs a staircase then probably you are thinking of the the most common basic staircase that a 10 year old would draw. Why don’t you think beyond the box and try for an unusual design with style that will help you to add a powerful design element to your entire home. Stairs may be gradual or steep, wide or narrow, purely functional or showy and grand. But before choosing a staircase design, you have to consider and keep in mind the following things to come up with a perfect decision for your house.


The most important deciding factor to consider while choosing a staircase design is the space of your house. If your area is small, look for a staircase design that will not eat up or cover a lot of space.Spiral staircase is good to save space. The larger the space the more you can experiment and opt for decorative and grand staircase designs.


There is a variety of materials these days that are being used for making staircases. It could be marble, steel, timber and even concrete. Some people even use glass for their treads which looks delicate and amazing yet more costly. Glass stairs are usually used only in modern luxury designs. It is important that the materials are durable and strong enough to carry the load and should go with the interior design of the house.


One must consider comfort while choosing a staircase design. If you want a comfortable climb so you must opt for wider stairs that have smaller risers. Generally spiral or circular staircases are quite hard and difficult to climb. The greater the number of steps the more easy and comfortable it would be to go up and down.

The home owners

Since most of the time the people in the house will of course use the stairs, so their presence must be considered while choosing a design. It is advisable to use staircases with handrails and landing if there are kids and elders in the house.

Stick to your decision

One has to consider every single detail before finalizing a staircase design .As it is not easy to replace a staircase -it’s a difficult job and will cost a lot. Plan everything well and be certain with your decision so that you can get the perfect stairs for your house

Everyone has to take into account the factors stated above while choosing a design as it is not just the style that is important.  Take a look at the 25 fabulous design ideas below so you can get inspired and choose a right staircase design for your home.

Design idea Credits: BHG.com