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25 Paint Color Ideas For Your Home

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.”

– John Ruskin

Can you imagine a world without colours? No doubt, a World without colors will be extremely dull and boring and so would be your own small world i.e. Your house. Walls are the first thing you see and are the basic unit of every house. Nobody likes large blank dull and lifeless walls, to give them a life one must play with colors . Although the color scheme depends upon your personal taste, style and choice but the right color could have a huge impact on your temper and mood. There are thousands of paint colors with various tones, shades and tints. And each one looks different from place to place, because light sources vary, meaning what looks good in your friend’s home might not in your own .So choice  a color scheme wisely depending on your own room’s requirements and needs.

For decades natural shades like beiges and creams have been a popular choice as they go with anything, and work as a great backdrop which allows furnishings and accessories to shine. But today beiges are being nudged out of the spotlight by colors like gray, bright red, flashy yellow, fiery orange, rich purple ,exotic pink and classic blue- all can turn your basic wall into an attractive and   statement wall if applied skillfully and brilliantly.

The paint color also greatly depends upon the size of the room. The bigger the room ,the more will be the choices you can make with the paint colors selection whereas in small living rooms, it is necessary to stick to the neutrals for the place to look spacious. So, when decorating a particular room, divide the colors into following percentages:

60% of a dominant color

30% of a secondary color

10% of an accent color

Whether you want to add style and energy to a dull and boring room or calm to a hectic one, following are some amazing ideas for the walls of your home. Play with several colors and accents throughout your house for a truly exotic, balanced and colorful life!