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25 Most Amazing Sculptures Around The World

Sculptures don’t just decorate or entertain the onlookers. They are the symbols of development of any culture. Centuries later, they tell about the ideas and ideals of the society. The sculptures also come from the sculptor’s need to express themselves while experimenting with different forms and materials. In many such cases, the ideas are so creative that you are inspired to the core of your heart. We have collected 25 such sculptures from around the globe which will stir your emotions todays.

1. Expansion by Paige Bradley


2. Running Horses By Robert Glen Irving, Texas

3. Hippo Sculpture At Taipei Zoo


4. Anonymous Passer-by, Wroclaw, Poland

5. Man in the Water, Stockholm Sweden

6. Break Through From Your Mold By Zenos Frudakis

7. The Shoes On The Danube Bank In Budapest, Hungary


8. People Of The River By Chong Fah Cheong, Singapore


9. De Vaartkapoen (Policeman Being Tripped), Brussels, Belgium

10. The Awakening, Washington D.C., USA

11. Metalmorphosis, Charlotte, North Carolina

12. Sala Keoku, Thailand

13. Searching For Utopia, Amsterdam, Netherlands

14. Sinking Building Outside State Library, Melbourne, Vic, Australia.


15. God Father on the arch of Heaven, Stockholm, Sweden

16. Infinity by Carl Jara, Hampton Beach

17. Sea Horse by Jeffro Uitto

`18. Spider – Tate Modern London


19. The Road Of Freedom, Vilnius, Lithuania

20. Romania

21. Los Emigrantes. El Hambre

22. Man Hanging Out, Prague Czech Republic


23. Mihai Eminescu – Onesti, Romania

24.Falkirk, Scotland


25. Man in the Wall, Paris, France


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