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25 Great Pantry Design Ideas For Your Home

Kitchen is considered as the heart of the home, which should be very well organized, functional, and look superb at the same time. More often, finding storage space in busy work spaces at home is a huge challenge. This is absolutely true for the busiest room of the house i.e. The Kitchen. We all are struggling with kitchen storage daily. What everyone needs in a kitchen is proper storage, preferably a well-stocked and organized pantry so that while cooking, you can easily find what you are looking for. You can store canned foods, baking supplies, cook-books, jams, wines, noodles, glass containers of dry goods, baskets of non-perishable items, spices, whatever your heart desires and stomach wants.

Take the idea of usual pantry to an ultimate next level. Less simple pantry, more wow factor! There is something so romantic and fascinating about a pantry — a room completely stocked and outfitted with all you would need to cook and bake for your family. Probably the most amazing and loved feature of a pantry is getting to see all of your yummy food items at one handy place. Even if you have a properly organized pantry, it is still preferred to close the pantry door and letting the main kitchen take the center stage.

Organizing a pantry is one trickiest issue all women have, due to the fact there are a lot of small and minor things you need to store. But through well-thought out and careful planned pantry, one can make life much easier as food storage efficiency will lead to a much smoother and faster operating kitchen. Hang an organizer on the back of the door for spices or similar stuff, install adjustable wire racks underneath shelves and add slide-out drawers or baskets for bulky or bagged items. Try to store everything in identical baskets or jars for interest and beauty. It will make shopping in your pantry more of a delight and a fun activity.

Following are some amazing ideas for designing a pantry in your home. Check them out.

Design Idea Credits: Interior Planners LLC