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25 Garden Design Ideas For Your Home In Pictures

Probably most of us have been in a garden and instantly felt a rush of joy and pleasure, being recharged and a sense of healing and relaxation .Gardens have the ability to refresh you after a long tiring day at work. A garden is a very special and important area of the house. It should never be overlooked or left without attention because the longer it is neglected, the harder it will be for you to put it back in proper shape. Your house garden requires proper maintenance and if you do it with an open heart and mind, you will find that taking care of a garden is a pleasure. Maintaining the perfect garden takes a lot of work. There’s mowing, aerating, fertilizing, and watering, it’s important to choose the best garden sprinkler. Having a trimmed green lawn leading up to your front door is something of great importance, but sometimes having a messy garden can get you into trouble as it gives a very bad impression to the guests.

Your garden is and always will be a part of your house that you can’t neglect at any cost. If you don’t make any use of the green field then you should start considering and working on it. Gardening not only requires time and patience, but it also needs individuals to have the proper equipment and tools to make the whole process flow much more efficiently and easily. It is a great place to be with your family and friends and an ultimate luxury that combines all the senses and never runs out of surprises and delights.

This is the time to tackle your green field, making it a beautiful space to relax, play and entertain. The following are the design essentials and some practical considerations to make your garden an enchanting one.

Elements and Accessories

The right choice of garden accessories and species of plants can set the tone for an incredible and enjoyable outdoor atmosphere, an invigorating place to be at. After all, there is nothing like enjoying a fresh morning in your own green land, or taking some well-deserved time off in the evening, after a long hectic day.

Give a Place to enjoy

Make sure you give yourself a place to sit back, enjoy and relax in your beautiful garden. A garden is also a great place for socializing and to be with your family and friends. Most people enjoy the greenery and feel more relaxed and comfortable outside than inside. Conversations outside can be more pleasurable because people are in a healthier and beautiful environment. But by just having a garden isn’t good enough at all if you don’t have comfortable and right chairs and tables for people to relax. A net is a good idea and perfect for someone that feels like lying down. If you want to have a good involvement of people in the garden, you’ll have to make them comfortable and they’ll only be comfortable with proper outdoor furniture.

Planning plants

If you want to save yourself from maintaining your garden weekly then densely planted garden is a good option. Such gardens look great with minimum maintenance .Always give your plants sufficient room to grow. Put the right plants together and turn a stunning garden simply by creating fun  and exciting plant combos. Look for great bright colors or texture contrasts. Pots are a great option as you can move them around according to needs. Take your garden to an ultimate level by coordinating and contrasting colors of your plants and the pots like a burgundy pot will look terrific with the rich purple-red thyme.  And don’t forget to consider the view out from your favorite windows when you plant you garden.

Break up Open Spaces

Garden design is the plans for the layout and planting of gardens designed either by the garden owners themselves or by professionals. Give your garden an exciting, modern and homey feeling by breaking up the lawn into small sections.  Try to give your garden a flowing and moving design, punctuated by colorful flowerbeds.

 Edging gives your garden a clean and crisp look. But be creative and add interest by designing your edging. Because you never know what you’ll find as you move forward taking different paths.


A garden is a great and perfect place for a city dweller that enjoys tinkering in it! Make sure that your paths are wide enough for a comfortable walk. Nobody enjoys squeezing through narrow passages therefore it should be wide enough for at least two people to walk side by side the taller the plantings that flank your walkway, the wider the path needs to be as tall boundaries make any space feel more restricted and congested. Be certain that any paving provides secure footing to everyone. Avoid slick and shiny surfaces or loosely set pavers that wobble.


When the nights draw in, will you draw the curtains or enjoy a breathtaking view of your garden? Get your garden out of the darkness and add brilliant garden lights that take your garden to another dimension. In a well-lit garden you can arrange a summer outdoor barbeque or enjoy a cool and damp evening walk. To achieve a beautifully lit garden, throw light on every nook of it by choosing and applying lights skillfully and creatively. Solar lights are the best and most appropriate for any kind and size of garden.

We have fantastic 25 images to inspire you. Whatever  is your lifestyle and taste, there will be a garden design style to suit you perfectly.

Design Idea Credits: Bhg.com