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25 Dining Room Ideas For Your Home

A dining room is a place solely devoted to eat food and be happy. Today it is usually kept adjacent to the kitchen so that it becomes convenient to serve food. A dining room by nature is a plain and simple place. Unlike living room or kitchen, which can be used for multiple purposes, your dining room is totally about serving and eating food with family, relatives or guests. In modern times, a dining room has transformed from a room used barely into a place where family and friends can gather and enjoy delicious food. Even though you might not use the dining room frequently but it is great to have a good dining room during big family get-together, birthday parties or formal dinners. By putting a big table, plenty of chairs and decorating with style to achieve a personalized look, you can easily turn the dining room into an amusing place. Because of its simple nature, a dining room is often tricky and hard to renovate and decorate.

Consider the following essentials while designing the dining room of your house.

Dining table

A dining table and chairs should be obviously the first consideration and deserves much more thought than what apparently they get. The table is often placed in the center of the room or by the window. Usually a dining table is the most used and largest piece in the dining room .Therefore it should be perfect in all aspects as spending on it will certainly be a worthy investment that will serve you for decades.

Dining chairs

Stackable chairs are a perfect choice for dining room as the chairs are easy to store when stacked and will free up space. Another option for seating is a bench seat which also helps to get the most out of your available space and helps to squeeze all the children at the table! Do upholster chairs or put soft cushions down to prevent uncomfortable seating.

Selecting a dining table and chairs is not always a matter of choice, but, where possible, the table and chairs should have adequate space around them so that the diners do not feel cramped or chairs do not bump against walls every time someone pulls them.

Dining Storage

Once you have sorted out the table; find ways to add some storage for all extra dinnerware. A glass fronted cabinet is great for showing off your best set of dinnerware or collections and looks very elegant in a dining room .Sideboards are very popular and come in different styles to compliment traditional as well as modern décor. A sideboard keeps tableware, dishes, and general clutter out of sight and is a perfect place to put few framed family photographs too.

Accessories & Textiles

Don’t forget about the decor, by using interesting accessories and fun colors it is an easy way to add life and personality in a room that can easily become cookie-cutter. It is always a smart idea to have some essentials for entertaining guests or just putting some textiles that make the dining room more welcoming and homely. A large variety of eyelet curtains are available in the markets that can add some drama or sophistication to your dining experience. Other items include stylish cushion covers, colorful napkins, table runners, place mats along with a neutral colored dining room rug placed under the table. Since this is the most formal room of the house, find some fabulous and inspirational artwork to showcase as well, but make sure that everything supports your overall style or theme. Try to place fresh flower arrangement in the center of the table to create a home-like feeling and it can easily liven up the space.

Dining Room Lighting

With the ideal and proper lighting you can easily set the mood in the dining room. There are unlimited lighting options to brighten up the dining room i.e. pendant lights, sconces, chandelier ,table or floor lamps in many styles from nostalgic traditional to cutting edge contemporary. Splurge on an oversized chandelier and hang a big mirror to reflect more light throughout the room. Don’t forget to put   beautiful candles for some special occasion dinner where romantic low lighting is a must. Whatever the kind of lights you choose, make sure there’s a dimmer switch so that the amount of light is adjustable. Whereas daylight is a bonus for breakfasts, brunches and lunches so try to always welcome it.

Below are some fabulous dining room design ideas to inspire you, have a look at them.

Design Idea credits: BHG.com