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25 Cool Facts About Our World That You Should Have Known Before

Time to impress your friends with the knowledge of world that we all live in. Go on, check out the list and let us know what you think of it!

25. Colors

24. Invention of Nuclear Bomb

23. The Right Direction

22. A CD Player. For $160?!

21. Landing on Moon!

20. Is it All True?

19. The Science of Human Brain

18. Another 50 Years..

17. Skynet!

16. YouTube

15. Educate Them!

14. Gloriously Fat!

13. Amazing!

12. For The Love of Photos!

11. What’s The Next Goal?

10. Mention Not!

9. Work Smart!

8. Imagine If Porn Was Not on Internet

7. Technology is Awesome!

6. Look at that huge thing

5. Wait, What?

4. Amazing!

3. Bring it To Zero!

2. Convenient, hmmmm!

1. People learned to read