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25 Awesome Ideas For A Bright Sunroom

We all have been fascinated by those glassed-in living spaces called sunrooms. For some of us who are actually serious about adding a sunroom to their homes, we have some useful information. Did you know sunroom is also called solarium or conservatory? Keen homemakers know that there are many different types of sunrooms. Some are entirely roofed with glass while others are only walled with glass. The glass used, too, consists of various kinds. For instance, double glazed glass walls offer durability and glare reduction. The specialty of sunrooms is that they are connected to the outside which means you can enjoy all kinds of seasons while sitting in these beautiful spaces. You can soak in as much sun as you want to.

Sunrooms are not habitable throughout the year because the one staying in the sunroom is exposed to extreme weather. They can be too cold in winter or too hot in summer. If you want a glass addition in your home, the most important part is choosing an optimum location. The areas having a northern climate receive  most daylight from a southern exposure. If you face the eastern side, you will enjoy great sun in the morning but there will be shade during the rest of the day. A west-facing sunroom is exposed to harsh afternoon sun, which is not welcomed by most of us. If you choose to face the northern side, the room will be mostly shady. You may want to select the best material for your room but each of them (For example; vinyl, aluminiun and wood) has their own features. Some people also consider installing wall heating or floor heating system to keep warm in the cooler months.

People who are fond of taking care of their plants, insist on adding greenhouses to their houses whose structure is similar to that of a sunroom. But the light exposure and temperature level in the greenhouse is suited to the needs of plants. Below are 25 pictures of amazing sunrooms which you would love to keep in mind for future planning.