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25 Amazing Pranks For April Fools’ Day That You Need To Try Today

April Fools’ Day is upon us. Beware of the pranksters who will be taking advantage of your negligence. We have compiled a list of 25 ideas for April Fools’ Day. This list will serve a two fold purpose; give you ideas for prank and help you prepare against possible pranks. Good luck!

25. Oh Dear Lord!

24. Hair Dryer Prank!

23. Camping on this day? Not a good idea!

22. Sleeping at work will be rewarded!

21. Job interview on April Fools’

20. That was over quickly!

19. Werewolf in the office!

18. Who brought them to life?!

17. Making use of that height difference.

16. Glass doors Equals Best Prank Ever!

15. Is it there, is it not there?

14. A dinosaur attack

13. Fake spiders

12. The one-two punch!

11. They got you good!

10. Insane Reaction

9. An offer you can’t refuse!

8. Late for Work!

7. Caramel apple – Yummy

6. Read till you can read no more!

5. Steer clear of electronics!

4. Be very careful!

3. Orange juice or cheese water.

2. Some dedication folks!

1. Make sure you lock the office door!

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