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24 Life Hacks That Will Save You Money

Life hacks tell us alternate methods of doing something. Tips and hacks are very much useful in saving your money and time. Following are the amazing 24 life hacks which you would love to know.

24. For the  people who love tea

Don’t waste the boiled water for tea. Use your creativity and make it useful. For instance, you can use the remaining water over the dish cloth.

23. Avoid making your phone filthy

A sandwich bag can help you in maintaining the cleanliness of your phone.

22. You can make a necklace out of seeds

Do not waste money on buying expensive necklaces. A string of seeds around your neck makes a beautiful necklace. Be trendy.

21. Keep your children’s head safe

Arm bands can save your child’s head from injuries if wrapped around the bathroom taps.

20. Dodge the burglars

Hide your precious stuff where no one can think of. For example, hide your jewels inside the toilet paper tube.

19. Remain toasty with this amazing hack

Blow a hair dryer on your feet in winters before wearing socks. Your would no more feel cold.

18. Don’t waste your time finding your car when in parking

Tie a balloon to your car so that you can find it from a distance when you’re in parking.

17. Save your money and give your child fancy shoes

Spray painting your child’s shoes can give them a fancy new look.

16. No more travel sickness

Tape up your belly button to avoid travel sickness and yes, it really works.

15. Clean keyboard is a blessing

Wrap a plastic sheet over your keyboard and eat or drink without worry.

14. Save your memories

Taking photos of every event that took place in you life, is a great source to remember every happy occasion.

13. Make your breakfast creative

Tape up your breakfast on the door so that you always remember to start your day with a healthy food.

12. Inexpensive crisp snacks for tea time

Directions are given in the picture.

11. Home made whisks to save your money

Joining two forks together works same as a whisk do.

10. Make your boring trash cans innovative

Decorating your dustbin with feathers can give it an innovative look.

09. Reinvent your hair scrunchies

Use your hair scrunchies and reinvent them.

08. Plastic bottle caps are so very inventive

You can discover many creative things from a plastic bottle cap.

07. Ironing board can work a table when you throw a party

Utilize as many things as you can when throwing a party. An iron board works as a table. All you need to do is to work creatively.

06.  Tea-bags warm up your hands

Tea bags are great hand warmers for cold hands.

05. Do not waste food

Try not to waste the last bits of cereal, rather you should mix them with the new pack to finish them up.

04. Help your elders if they can’t go to toilet

Make an innovative commode for your elders. All you need is a chair and basket.

03. Recreate your clock

Save your money and make yourself a clock the way your want.

02. Get rid of cluttered boots

An old stair banister can hold your boots in an organized manner.

01. Pretty toilet paper can be used as blanket for your child’s doll.

Make your child happy without spending money. You can use a pretty toilet paper for bedding a doll.

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