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22 Examples Of Genius Design Around Us

What follows is a list of design innovations that come from a place of functionality and fun. Every single entry deserves a standing ovation. Check out the list below and let us know what you think of it;

1. You can always use a pizza box for making a suit!

2. Vietnam’s Golden Bridge sure is the coolest in the world. Tourist visit it from all over the world!

3. For cities like Rome, UPS can’t make use of its conventional trucks. That is where these special bikes come in!

4. What you are looking at is the creativity of architect Yong Ju Lee whose most famous work is this particular root bench in Seoul South Korea.

5. When you visit LEGO stores, they give you a bag that can transform your hand into one of their famous figurines!

6. Rudolf Kohn is a Miami artist who took the remains of a mangled car and made them into a huge emoji as a warning against texting while driving.

7. These curtains will filter the perfect amount of sunlight for creating the Manhattan skyline that is lit up by stars and skyscrapers.

8. Bathroom innovations are a specialty of Japan. This particular model even plays ambient sounds for covering up any noises that might erupt.

9. Thanks to these 3D printed models, you can carry on with your everyday tasks even with a broken bone.

10. The cover design is greatly enhanced with these amazing leather-bound tomes that can illustrate the continual decline of Rome with the crumbling pillars.

11. Invest in one of these dollies to lug boxes and furniture up and down stairs.

12. The postal service paints the local mailboxes of the same color in the UK whenever one of the athletes bring home gold at the Olympics.

13. Check out these plastic finger covers; you will not only improve your snacking but will also make less mess.

14. A lot of the Belgian urban planners prefer not doing things the easy way. For instance, they constructed the white bars using small marble tiles.

15. This amazing spatula can show various liquid measurement conversions and can also be used for stirring!

16. This bar in Manchester installed a TV and Nintendo 64 at every table.

17. This bloke created a Rubik’s Cube using LEGO for blind people!

18. These flip flops come with a bottle opener under their sole!

19. Practical elements juxtaposed with aesthetics is what a high-quality design is all about. This aquarium does it best by making use of the legally-mandated fire extinguishers as oxygen tanks for scuba divers.

20. Get these optical illusion floor tiles for transforming your kitchen into an M.C. Escher drawing.

21. This particular metal slide features a water system underneath it that keeps it cool all year long!

22. Finland installed a ‘Thank You’ button on the buses that can be pressed by commuters to thank the bus drivers.

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