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20 Architectural Masterpieces That Will Amaze You

How would you design your home or office if someone asked you to design them? The chances are that your design will be a basic design featuring walls, windows, and doors. However, some architects don’t settle for ordinary designs. They want to create things that are extraordinary. Check out the following 20 architectural masterpieces that take creativity to a whole new level!

The Lotus Building In Wujin, China is the creation of Studio 505. The architectural firm is Australian and designed and built the Lotus Building. The building houses the departments of the city’s planning bureau.

Zaandam in the Netherlands is known for saving the original Dutch style houses. The Inntel hotel came up with another idea; using the old for the creation of new. The design has allowed the hotel to become super-famous causing it to be fully booked all year long!

This particular skyscraper is located in Dubai. Each apartment is capable of rotating independently at adjustable speeds, based upon which view the occupant wants or how much sunlight is needed. Thus, in principle; the tower will continue changing for all eternity.

Check out this crescent moon-shaped building that is located in Dubai as well. It features 33 floors, a children’s library, a conference room, a restaurant, bars, and luxury homes. This is the only moon-shaped building in the world.

Welcome to Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria. Another architectural delight, this is a gallery of modern art and has been given the nickname, ‘Friendly Alien.’ The building glows at night!

This is the Markthal in Rotterdam. It has been sealed off using glass thus the temperature inside is always cozy. The inner walls have been created using curved windows with a mural by Arno Coenen in between.

The Atomium in Brussels, Belgium might look like a sculpture. However, it is a building that houses a museum and a restaurant. The nine spheres are an iron crystal that has been magnified 165 billion times and denote the faith one had in the science.

Welcome to the La Muralla Roja. It is located in Calpe, Spain, and means ‘the red wall.’ The insides have varying colors though ranging between blue and purple.

This is the Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi located at 520 feet. It features 35 stories and stands among the tallest buildings in the city. According to Guinness World Records, it is the ‘world’s furthest leaning man-made tower.’ The tower leans 18 degrees – The Pisa’s Tower leans only 4 degrees!

Say hello to the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. The palm shape on the left, not to be confused with the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the back.

Fairytale House is situated in Da Lat, Vietnam. The design is similar to that of a big tree. It features sculptured design elements that indicate forms such as spider webs, caves, animals, and mushrooms.

The term Cybertecture was coined by architect James Law. It signified the blend of environmental design, innovative engineering, architecture, and intelligent systems for meeting the needs of the people and coming up with a new urban environment. This is how the Cybertecture egg in Mumbai was realized!

These are the Cubic Houses in Rotterdam. They were constructed by the architect Piet Blom. All of the walls and windows are angled at 45 degrees.

Zaha Hadid designed the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center in Baku, Azerbaijan. She said that ‘its fluid form emerges from the folds of the natural topography of the landscape.’

Andrii Rozhko designed this hotel and intends to build the glass façade into the mountain ridges of the Alps. He said, ‘I like the connection between high peaks and mountain passes, so I tried to design the same shape.’

The City of Arts and Sciences is located in Valencia, Spain. It has been built at the end of the ex-riverbed of the river Turia. It is also one of the 12 Treasures of Spain. It was designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela.

The most romantic building in China was designed by architects at the Hefei University of Technology. It was built to scale and feature a huge piano and violin. It was built back in 2007 in Huainan City.

Tirau in New Zealand is where gigantic animals live. Building in corrugated iron can be found all over New Zealand however the humble material is used as a sculptural device in Tirau.

Do you know Gaudí’? The Barcelonan treasures including Casa Mila and Casa Batllo are Gaudí’s works. The local name of the building is Casa dels ossos (House of bones).

This one is currently in the design phase. However, it is bound to have a great impact given that the paperclip-shaped building is to be built in the middle of New York City. It has been named Big Bend.

What do you think of these architectural delights? Do let us know via comments. We would also love to know if there are any architectural wonders that we forgot to add to this list!