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18 Jaw-Dropping Photos of Earth From Space

The view of Earth from space is readily available for us in the form of Google Earth and other satellite imagery applications. We can zoom in and out as much as we like and we can navigate easily as well. But despite all that, these apps give a rather dry presentation of what Earth is made of as their purpose is information and not to appreciate the beauty of our planet. These 18 perfect clicks from satellites show how beautiful our Earth appears from above. So much that you will envy the elusive astronauts who can go up and see all this with their own eyes.

Formation of Storm in SouthWestern Australia


Northern Lights and British Islands in one Click

Florida appears like this from space

Concentration of Columonimbus clouds around Nigeria

Amazing view of South Western Australia

River Nile and Its Cilvilization!

Mount Fujiyama in Japan

Amazing concentration of lights from Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto

Mexico City View from way above

Distinguishable pyriamids in Gaza, Egypt

Where Sahara desert meets the Atlantic Ocean

Riva Del Garda, Italy and its beautiful landscape

Views of Smoke and Fire in Democratic Republic of Congo

Russian Lake Baikal looks like this from space

San Francisco Bay area’s stunnning landscape from above

Grand canyon from space

The Sea of Okhotsk

Electrical lights from Antwerp and Brussels in night


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