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15 Simple Life Hacks That Will Help You Look Great Everyday

Looking good is an essential part of our lives as looking good results in elevated energy levels, comfort and personal confidence. Here are some simple life hacks that you can use to look good every day and get rid

of the things that are constantly bugging you.

Getting rid of oil stains on clothes


Baby powder is effective in dealing with oily stains on clothes.

Restoring a shrunk cotton shirt to full size.


This can get really annoying if the textile manufacturer didn’t wash the cloth before stitching it. So, put the shirt or the pyjamas into water lathered with kids shampoo (One teaspoon in one liter). Then, put it between two towels for ten minutes and then keep it stretched out in maximum position by placing something heavy on their edges until they dry.

Using razor to clean your sweater from fur.


This is a nifty trick to get rid of the forever present loose wool on your sweater.

Keeping jewelry clean


Clean the inside of a ring with clear nail polish brush. Don’t let the marks appear on your skin.

Getting rid of tough stains on leather bags.


Get a mixture of water and vinegar and you can get rid of the stains on any leather product.

Iron a collar very quickly


Hair straighteners can allow you to iron your collars really quick

Avoid fading of jeans


While washing, add half a glass of vinegar in the machine to avoid loosing the bright colors.

Removing marks from Sued shoes.


Use any ordinary pencil eraser to get rid of marks on your suede shoes.

Cleaning the white sole of your sneakers.


Mix a cleaning chemical with baking soda and then use an old toothbrush to brush away any sturdy stains on your white soles. It is very effective.

How to fit the bottom part of your work jeans into long boots.


Removing sweety stains from clothes


Sweet stains from sweetmeats, candies and other dairy products can be removed by a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda.

Putting back the cord into your hoodie


Putting back the cord in your hood is an extremely difficult task once you have yanked it out. Use a straw for this purpose.

Wear new leather shoes with ease.


Put some water into sealable plastics and put them inside your shoes and place the shoes inside a freezer. When water freezes, it expands so the shoes will expand. Now remove the shoes and wait for the ice to melt before removing the bags. This method doesn’t work for patent leather shoes though.

Getting rid of static electric charge in your trousers.


Funny as it sounds, the electric charge can actually sear your skin bad and you should be avoiding it. Attach a safety pin inside the seam of your trousers avoid the charge accumulation.

To stop the jeans zipper from going down unknowingly.


Attach a  key ring to the zipper and hook it to the button at the top of your pants. Now you won’t be caught with your fly wide open!