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15 Life Hacks That Will Help You Live Like A Boss

It is a proven fact that life will happen and it will try to make you a mess. However, using the list of tricks that we have compiled, you can always tackle it like a boss. Check out the list below and let us know what you think of it.

15. Make a Wendy’s Frosty.

Add 1/4th cup of Nesquick chocolate, four cups of vanilla ice cream and 3/4th cup of milk in a blender. Now let it rip!

14. Park wherever you want.

DO NOT ABUSE THIS ONE. Use an envelope from a parking ticket and stick it on the windshield when you’re parking somewhere (IN CASE OF EMERGENCY ONLY) you’re not allowed to park.

13. Turn cheap vodka into good vodka.

Make it run through a filter, charcoal water, about four to five times and you will notice a good change in taste.

12. Clean out your headphone jack.

Wrap Scotch tape around the end of a flattened paper clip (sticky side out) and then gently and carefully insert it into the headphone jack. The dust will stick to the tape and voila!

11. Rehydrate your pets more quickly.

Use Pedialite since it will replace electrolytes much faster as compared to water.

10. Clean your tub naturally.

Cover two cut halves of grapefruit in kosher salt. Wet the tub and sprinkle in about a quarter cup of salt. Rub the grapefruit over the tub and fixtures. Rinse and enjoy the shine!

9. Prevent icy buildup in your freezer.

Apply some cooking oil on areas that get covered with ice using a spray gun and wipe it clean after five minutes. The ice won’t stick to the surface anymore.

8. Leave your dog’s name off their collar.

If you keep the dog’s name secret, stealing it would become more difficult. Make sure you add your number and email address on the tag though.

7. Give yourself a doctorate when booking a hotel.

If you use the prefix ‘Dr’ while booking a room, the hotel is more likely to give you a better room.

6. Spot things more easily.

When you’re looking for something, moving your eyes from right to left will help you find it faster since your brain isn’t used to reading in this direction.

5. Use the lines on a solo cup to measure your booze.

The indented lines on a red solo cup are there for measurement purposes. The bottom one is for an ounce, the middle one for five ounces and the last one is perfect for a pint of beer.

4. Keep collars in shape and belts rolled in one step.

Rolling up and keeping the belt in the collar of a folded shirt will keep your belt from unfolding while saving the collar from collapsing.

3. Clean your gutters without a ladder.

Affixing a length of PVC pipe to a leaf blower shall let you make an extended nozzle thus relieving you of the need to climb.

2. Keep your tacos together.

You can strengthen taco shell by laying down a layer of cheese. Once it melts, it will you’re your taco from crumbling.

1. Get rid of paint rub.

If your car has someone else car’s paint when they rubbed it against your car, simply spray it with a little WD-40, give it a few minutes and then rub it off.