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15 Brilliant Life Hacks For 2016 That Will Make Your Life Easier

Productivity is not just waking up in the morning at time, doing yoga and taking these bad-ass lessons and workshops. Productivity also means that you organize your daily work such that it doesn’t become too much of a hassle for you and your professional and social ambitions. Life hacks and improvisations are an excellent way of reducing the everyday nuisance you have to go through. Here are some of the life hacks that you can use to make your life as smooth as possible this year.

1. Remove deodorant stains

Deodorant marks can ruin the whole appearance of your dark dress. Interestingly, the seemingly useless foam that comes along with the dry cleaners can remove those stains.

2. Peel Potatoes With Boiling Water

Instead of employing the age-old method of using a peeler, dip the potatoes in hot water for some time and then give them a surprise ice bath. Now they will peel away in no time.

3. Disinfect sponges in Microwave

Although there is no way to sterilize dirty apparels, sponges can be done so in the microwave. Just don’t do it for too long or else the sponge will catch fire.

4. Slice Bread swiftly and evenly every time.

Slice bread from the bottom upwards. It will makes things much easier. It will also protect you from the crust.

5. Let your blender work for you and clean itself!

Simply add soap and water inside the blender and there you have it! The cleanest it could ever get. I don’t know why I have wasted away many of my years on this!

6. Protect hands from sparklers.

Sparklers can easily burn your children’s fingers as they aren’t safe enough. However, you can make the hands safer using a disposable cup as a protector.

7. Add Gelatin to your popsicles for improving their product lifecycle.

You can add gelatin to home-made popsicles to help slow down the melting process!

8. Ripen your green bananas to make banana bread

Take your seemingly evergreen bananas, place them in a baking sheet and throw them inside a 300 degree oven. You can take them out to make bread whenever you want.

9. Mix hand cream in a mixer jar.

Make whipped cream in a mason jar instead of using the ineffective mixer that comes around in the market.

10. Use Carabiners to tie your dog wherever you want.

Use carabiners so tie your dog to any pole with ease. You will have much more comfort with them in the equation.

11. Protect your puppy’s feet from hot pavement with vaseline.

Pups don’t have shoes and thus, they cannot protect the bottom of their paws from the heat when you’re walking them down the street.

12. Use buttons to organize stud earrings.

If you want to avoid losing a priceless earring during traveling, Just pop them through buttons and there you have it!

13. Load up your taco sandwich like a professional Taco guy

Although now we have tacos with flat bottoms, you can still use this trick to make regular tacos. Stabilize the bottom of the taco with a fork and then fill it to your heart’s content!

14. Keep beverages cool with the help of ice in a plastic beverage.

You can keep ice directly inside but it will make the beverage dilute within minutes if the weather is hot. Keep ice in another container to avoid ice melting straight into the beverage.

15. Shave off the sticky Nutella with the help of ice cream.

We understand your pain of having to surrender to the sticky leftovers of Nutella in the jar. But, if you put ice cream inside or even butter, it can siphon it off and now you get to enjoy ever last bit of the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread.

So, here is to a productive 2016!