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11 Skills You Can Learn In Less Than A Minute Each

Handy skills are something never to be underestimated as we get to use them in many crucial moments in our life and everyday tasks as well. Once can never have more than enough skills to muster and while most of these take some time mastering, many of them hardly take a few minutes of your time. Here we are going to teach you eleven of these everyday skills you can learn in just sixty seconds and then apply them in life.

1. Tie a bowline knot

You must have seen skilful workers make these kinds of knots with their ropes. Now you can learn it in no time and always come up with the best knot.

2. Be more photogenic

Many people although look good, never work on their smile. So, look at a mirror and try experimenting with the great 3/4 smile of yours. It will result in much better pictures and elegant appearance of your face.

3. Sharp a knife

Knowing how to make your knife cut better is one of the primary tasks of a chef and even if you aren’t one, you’ll definitely need this skill later on. Grab the sharpener with your weaker hand and place it on a cutting board. Now you can sharpen the knife by making downward slices. Make sure every part of the blade is sharp enough.

4. Select the freshest produce

Taking the best fruit from the vendor or fruit shop is considered an art by many but just by seeing whether it is firm and smells okay means that 90% job is done, and the veggie or fruit is fine.

5. Pick a simple lock

You must have been locked out of your house several times in your life. Learn how to pick a simple lock by getting a tension wrench and a pick. Now wriggle the pick inside till it is through to the end and then turn the wrench as you would turn the key. It gets harder for difficult locks, but it is a good start.

6. Learn CPR

CPR has been known to save countless numbers of lives throughout the world. It is an incredibly simple process and comes in handy many times in your life when any person in the vicinity experiences a stopped heart. You push down the center of the chest where the heart is at a fast rate of 100 pushes per minute. After every 30 pushes, give two breaths by tilting the head back and holding the nose. You should see the chest rise and fall during each breath. For more insight, ask any paramedic to teach you.

7. Boost your confidence

The best way to boost your confidence is to stand the front of a mirror and to talk to yourself while observing everything. It should be repeated several times a week.

8. Cook over a fire.

This skill also takes a little time of yours but comes in handy in many situations. Even if you don’t have the required saucepans or anything, you can get great results.

9. Meditate

You don’t have to make a funny yoga pose to meditate. Just select a quiet corner and think about your previous day or two with your eyes closed. It is a wonderful capacity building exercise for free and hardly take more than five minutes.

10. Run Faster

Try to run uphill and then downhill. It will decrease your mile time beyond recognition.

11. Whistle loudly

Okay, you don’t have to do it to irritate the people around you, but it is a nice trick to get attention in a situation. What if you need to catch the bus driver’s attention and ask him to stop? Yelling is irritating for people around you. It is also ineffective and takes a lot of energy. Whistling is easy and provides you with an easier, more practical alternative way of catching attention.