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10 Things You Need To Do To Maintain Your Car

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As is with any other mechanical item; cars require proper maintenance too. Without proper maintenance, you will be facing serious issues that will cost you a handsome amount of money as well. The solution is to perform simple checks in routine and keep your car in optimum condition. We have compiled a list of ten pointers, which you should remember and act upon when it comes to car maintenance

10. Oil & Air Filter

Let’s start off with engine oil and air filter. Both of these components need to be checked in regular routine and must be changed/re-filled respectively. Engine oil works to lubricate and keep the internal engine parts cool. It also helps in collecting and trapping the dirt and contaminants from the combustion process. That’s why it should be checked regularly. An air filter that has choked will hinder the airflow while lessening the horsepower and will damage your car’s fuel efficiency.

9. Park in the shade

You car’s interior is what makes it your own car; it is personalized and gives off a sense of ownership. However, the UV sunlight can very well damage your car’s interior and therefore, it is advisable to always park in the garage or find a shade to park under. If that’s not possible too, then you better make use of car shades.

8. Brake fluid & Steering Wheel Fluid

Next stop again involves taking care of some fluids which are very crucial to your car; brake fluid and power steering fluid. Brake fluid should be checked on regular basis and its level should under no circumstances fall below the low mark. The same goes for power steering wheel fluid. If you fluid of the power steering, it will be very hard to steer the car and can result in an accident. The power steering wheel may also locks down and a crash will become imminent.

7. Spark plugs

Ideally speaking these should be changed every 48,000 kms. However, if you find any that isn’t covered with heavy deposits or blackened, then that spark plug needs not to be changed. One spark plug should be changed at a time.

6. Tire pressure

Tires are a crucial part of your ride and need to be maintained. The air pressure needs to be checked and kept up to the mark. Any sort of under-inflation or over-inflation will result in wasting horsepower and energy which directly translates into less fuel efficiency. Consult your owner’s manual to understand how the pressure should be maintained and what is its value. Also, make sure that you rotate the tires as per your owner’s manual.

5. Antifreeze/coolant

Make sure that you’re using the right mix of antifreeze/coolant for your engine. The coolant must be of good quality since a coolant which isn’t the right one can damage your car whilst eating into the engine block.

4. Keychain

If you’re like the most of us, your keychain has a myriad of keys all dangling while the car key is inserted into the ignition switch. Stop this practice because If you don’t, the ignition switch is guaranteed to fail. The tumblers within it will render useless and you will have to get the switch changed with heavy repair costs.

3. Timing belt

The timing belt should be changed every 50,000 – 70,000 miles. Remember the timing belt will breakdown without any warning so make sure that you keep checking it. A timing belt breakdown can destroy the whole engine, therefore this maintenance practice should never be ignored or put off.

2. Stuck Car

If you are stuck in snow and/or mud, we strongly advise against trying to bust your way out of it by revving up the car. That should be totally avoided, reason being the fact that this approach creates a lot of heat and is harmful to the transmission, differentials and clutches. It will be wiser and cheaper to ask for a tow truck or use some method to provide traction to the wheels.

1. Headlights

Headlights are crucial if you are often travelling at night, they need to be cleaned and look after in routine. However, if you have dim and/or dead headlights then you need to change the bulb. In case of a cracked headlight or taillight, apply some tape over it in order to keep the compartment safe from water until you get it replaced.

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