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10 Seemingly Normal Buildings That Are Full Of Bizarre Secrets

Now you may have an idea about what I am talking about here. It is the hidden horror present around us that we don’t know but once we find out, things are never the same again. For example, a famous haunted house where a mass murderer lived lies on your path to work every day. You don’t know about it but once you know, you can never walk past that house at night ever again. The park where a mass shooting took place. You won’t want a house near that and if you find out later, you want to move out right away. All of these are hypothetical situations but what if I told you in the most ordinary of all places around the world, something like that has occurred and people don’t know about it. What they do when they find out is unpredictable to say but nevertheless, they will feel uneasy around it at least. Here are some of the most astonishing secrets about places around the world:

1. There are mass graves hidden all over London

The Great plague of Seventeenth-century meant bodies had to be disposed off in mass graves. Many of the burial sites eventually became the green parks we see everywhere around us in London.

2. Finnish Museum Overrun with reclusive spiders

Somebody let loose reclusive Chilean spiders in this museum in 1960s. They have only bitten one person since that occurrence but they are known to cause much trouble as they are hard to kill and can grow over 4 inches long.

3. Hotel Built on top of War Crimes Area

This hotel was built over an area where heinous crimes were committed during the great civil war of Sri Lanka that killed thousands of people.

4. British factory that is one of the most dangerous buildings in the world

Rated as the world’s riskiest nuclear site, it was used heavily during the coal miners strike of 1970s. Some waste was even thrown in the middle of the pools nearby. It is a very dangerous place to be.

5. A Montana dam with hidden corpses

This dam in Montana’s construction resulted in the death of ten workers. Only two bodies were ever recovered so eight corpses or what remains of them are still in there somewhere.

6. A temple in India full of rats

AND they LIKE it! How crazy is that? I mean leave it as a rat sanctuary but why continue as a temple? There are nearly 20,000 rats there.

7. New York Streets built over mass graves

Yes! Mass graves aren’t a bug thing if you look at history of the “greatest city in the world”. The Chambers Street in Manhattan is home to 20,000 bodies of slaves who were dead when they arrived here. They were just dumped here. Their remains are directly under the pavement. God bless America!

8. German hospital that nursed Hitler and Honecker back to Health

This hospital is abandoned due to the absurd reason of it being associated with Hitler’s own medication.

9. Disney Rides covered in cremated remains

Now this is a conspiracy theory. To relive the circle of life, Disney workers have claimed that many of the rides at the Disney world have cremated remains in between. How crazy is that?

10. Ah, yes. The last but not the least. The selection of homes belonging to mass murderers around USA

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