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10 Hacks Genius People Use To Improve Their Memory – Yes! You Can Use These Too


Does it pay off to have a good memory? Of course it does. However, not everyone seems to be able to remember things right away. The reason isn’t because they are not capable of it but rather their inability to know how to store and remember that particular piece of information. Here is a list of 10 hacks that will help you store and recall information in a smart way.

10. Smell enhances memory: If you prepared for a test while wearing a particular perfume, then using the same perfume during the test will help you in scoring well. Reason being that nose is capable of accessing the memory center directly.

9. Using music to enhance memory: You can simply put longer lines of texts to music and then remember them via humming the tune.

8. Setting the information: Simply put, if you learned something while underwater, then you will be able to recall that particular information more effectively when you’re underwater again.

7. Use the chunking method: As per research, we can remember only 7 items in the working memory at any given time, however, if you group them into one then you might be able to remember more. Think of how you remember a 10 digit phone number, it takes only 3 slots from the seven available.

6. The method of Loci: Also known as Journey Method and Roman Room Method. You visualize a memory place and then walk through areas where you can store or locate information that you stored.

5. The keyword method: Take a sound you recognize from a new word you’re trying to learn. Visualize the sound and relate it to the new word.

4. Linking: Link items together via story from a list and that will help you remember them better.

3. Just sincerely FOCUS: Remove distractions and don’t try to multi-task. You cannot do that, you will be jumping between tasks. The key is to limit other stimuli.

2. The peg system: Simply imagine different parts of your body and use them as pegs to store information. Visualize what you’re trying to remember and associate it with a corresponding body part.

1. Learn From Snooze – Simply rehearse the number or address every 15 seconds for a few minutes. There, now it is stored in your memory.

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