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10 Futuristic Gadgets And Technologies That You Can Use Today

There is still some time till you can own a flying car or teleport to your work place. However, there are certain futuristic items that you can and you must experience now. We have compiled a list of such items today. Check these out and tell us which one is your favourite.

10. Virtual Shopping Store

Located in South Korea with LCD’s placed on shelves where you can select what you want to buy and the item is brought to the door; packed and ready to leave with you.

9. The Fridge of the Future

This gel will change its shape based on the intensity of usage and isn’t sticky nor has any smell.

8. The Eye Camera

Capture everything the way you see it!

7. The digital library metro

You can scan the QR code of the audiobooks and then enjoy them during the ride at the metro station in Bucharest, Romania.

6. Instant translator

This instant camera translator will make your life easier in foreign countries!

5. 3D printed souvenirs

Let’s print those souvernirs.

4. Cast of the Future

This cast is known as the cortex exoskeletal cast.

3. Door changing opacity

This glass changes opacity when locked or unlocked!

2. Internet of the Future

Get unbelievable internet speeds thanks to Google Fiber!

1. Army Exoskeleton

US Army is making use of these and well; Iron Man is not far away.