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10 Futuristic Cars That Will Soon Hit The Roads

Credits: BMW Next

These futuristic concept cars are expected to revolutionize the automobile industry after production. These amazing next generation cars are more tech-savvy than you might expect. Here is our list of the 10 best futuristic cars you should keep tabs on.

1. BMW Vision Next 100

This car can be driven in both manual or autonomous mode. It has amazing features like those tires that are seamlessly integrated into the body of the car and doors that swing up. The wind shield displays navigation and different routes for the driver in the car.

Credits: BMW


Credits: BMW


2. BMW’s Mini Vision Next 100

This car aims to popularize the concept of car sharing in the future. It greets the passengers with lighting on the surface either in front of the car or the driver’s door. When in autonomous mode, the steering wheel of BMW mini moves to the center of the dashboard to show that the autopilot will modify the interior of cars.

Credits: BMW


Credits: BMW


3. Rolls-Royce Vision 100

This car looks like some vehicle out of the Tron Legacy. The car is entirely autonomous to account for the absence of a front seat and a steering wheel. The back seat can accommodate two people comfortably. It is made up of a luxurious silk sofa with giant OLED TV in the front.

Credits: Rob Ludacer


Credits: Rolls-Royce


4. Mercedes’ Shape-Shifting Aerodynamic Car

This concept car changes its body to become more aerodynamic. As it hits the speed of 50 miles/ hour, the fins at the back and the front of the car elongate and change their shape to zoom down the road better. It also possesses a wireless networking system that allows it to communicate with other cars to warn them of the road blocks or accidents.

Credits: Michael Probst/ Associated Press


Credits: Tech Insider/ Giphy


5. Nissan’s Teatro for Dayz

Nissan’s concept car is covered with light displays that reflect your mood and displays whatever you want it to. Here you can see a blue interior and graffiti inspired lighting that can be changed as per your requirements. The concept car also allows you to enjoy a video call, but we highly recommend users not to do that while driving.

Credits: NISSAN


Credits: NISSAN


6. Audi H-tron Quattro

This concept car is futuristic as it envisions to use hydrogen as a fuel. It can roll on for 372 miles by using hydrogen only. It can go from 0-62 miles per hour in 7.1 seconds. Sadly, Audi is not interested in bringing out the production model of this car.

Credits: Audi


Credits: Audi


7. Suzuki Air Triser

This car has 3 rows of seating that can be adjusted to look like a lounge when not driving. It has a built-in display in the center pillar that broadcasts media from a smartphone or tablet. Examples of seat arrangements include:

Credits: carmagazine.co.uk


Credits: www.livecars.ru


8. Rinspeed Etos

It is a very tech-savvy concept car that comes with its drone and landing pad. Cool, right? The drone can be controlled from touch displays inside the car to run errands and find its way back to the Etos. In autonomous mode, the steering wheel folds into the dashboard. It has a personal artificial intelligence secretary, like Siri, that responds to your commands and can learn your preferences, say your favorite playlist!

Credits: Rinspeed


Credits: Rinspeed


9. Porsche Mission E

It is an electric concept car that comes with a technology that can track eye movement. For example, if you look at the radio, the camera will attempt to turn it on for you after you confirm the action by pressing the button on steering wheel. The car does not have safety mirrors and uses cameras to display the feedback on a windshield. Mission E can travel 310 miles in a single recharge. Porsche is hoping to bring the car to production by 2020.

Four-seated and four doors (Credits: Porsche)


Camera display at the lower corner of Windshield (Credits: Porsche)


10. Faraday Future’s FFZero1

This concept car looks very much like the Batmobile. The car is designed to figure out the user’s preferences and making adjustments accordingly. It is also driver-less and has a top speed of 200 miles/ hour.


Credits: AP


Credits: Faraday Future


We have given you our list of Top 10 Futuristic Cars. Which one did you like the best? The Rinspeed with a personal drone? The FFzero1 Bat-mobile? Let us know!