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10 Best Workstations For Home

With half the world’s population working from home, a good workstation should help you maintain good posture, increase productivity, get you through the day. It should also be affordable enough without breaking the bank. Besides the above qualities, a workstation in your home should blend with the décor, take up less space, and accommodate all your working essentials. 

To help you experience the best from your work at home, we have listed some of the best workstations for home to keep you happy during the lockdown or after it.

ChefJoy Computer Table Wood Workstation

If you are looking for a modern work station, this stylish, lightweight, and sleek piece from ChefJoy should blend into your apartment beautifully. With its striking black and white colors, this workstation measures 47 by 23 by 29 inches offering you enough working space on the black finished wooden surface. It is sturdy and versatile, capable of serving as a computer desk, a painter tabletop, or even as your bedroom table. The wooden top seats on a solid painted stainless steel bottom with protective plastic pads fitted into the legs. This makes for easy movement and keeps your floors safe from scratches when moved. Now you can work efficiently while you get a view of the city through your apartment window.

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Teraves Reversible L Shaped Workstation for Home Office

Elegance meets versatility with this piece. Boasting an abundance of space, the L shaped desk can accommodate your desktop, laptop or a host of other work materials. Books and documents aren’t left out as there’s a 2-tier shelve for comfortable storage. Durability is also guaranteed as the desk is made from particial board, class P2 and the thickest of steel frames. The leg pads were made adjustable to meet all height requirements and give you the smoothest work experience.

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Tribesigns Computer Desk Workstation 

Organization is a guarantee with this work of beauty from Tribesigns. Equipped with double, multipurpose shelves for CPU storage amongst other things, a 55 by 23.6 table surface and a built-in elevated layer for gaming, this workstation promises not just organization but comfort as well. If you want to make a quick transition from work to fun while you’re at home, this easily assembled desk should be a no brainer.

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Cozy Castle Table Workstation

Why work from home if you can’t work like a king? This simplistic workstation comes with a bunch of eye-catching features including: a desktop, resistant to water, scratch and fire; and to add that, it’s extremely easy to clean. The wood, 0.75 inch in thickness combined with a center of gravity, rooted at the legs of the table guarantees stability at all times. Every king needs a castle; why not make it a cozy one?

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Best Choice Products Modular Workstation

Convenience is the watchword with this Modular Workstation. The L-shaped design makes it a perfect fit for any position in your room. Its elegant table top, perfectly placed on solid steel frames, is going to give your room a desired classy look. A vast storage space, capable of housing every system essential can also double as a conducive study desk. Now you can stay in control of your entire workspace with the very Best Choice.

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Teraves Computer Desk/Dining Workstation 

Simplicity, durability, style and quality all come together to deliver the very best work experience when using this Teraves Workstation. The extremely thick legs, adjustable and made purely of metal ensure stability, regardless of the type of floor. A suitable height of 29.52 makes for comfortable storage and leg space while working. It also has very warm colors which would make the table blend seamlessly into any part of your house you choose to keep it. A time saving setup makes this multipurpose workstation an ideal buy. 

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UnaFurni L Shaped Desk, L Corner Computer Workstation 

If you’re looking for that perfect office feel while working from home, this L shaped beauty from UnaFurni is all you need. The space efficient, sturdy workstation can be placed at any corner of your living room or bedroom. It makes multitasking an easy feat as you can move seamlessly across the vast space on the table. Cleaning it would never be an issue thanks to the wood veneer used to make the desk top. The dark, classy colors ensures your room maintains that cool feel while you work. Now you can work like a boss while enjoying the best city views through your window.

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Large E-Sports Home Computer Workstation

This workstation meets the requirement of everyone looking for a modern work feel. It has a very spacious desk top surface of length 45.66 and width 28.74, providing room for your desktop, keyboard, speaker, etc. You can take swift breaks, switching from work to playing a relaxing game as its serves multifunctional purposes. There’s also room for additional relaxation tools as it comes with a small cup holder and a hook for your headphone. The stylish dark color makes it a perfect addition to the décor of your home. Durability and stability are also guaranteed as due to the herringbone solid construction ensuring you get good value for your money.

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Pocciol Modern Simple Computer Workstation

This workstation has family written all over it. The combination of a large multipurpose desktop and its towering bookshelf makes it a perfect fit for work and study alike. Its metallic legs, coated with powder makes it sturdy enough to suitably hold any pressure. The design of the table corner prevents any form of collision, making it safe for you and family. 

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VINEXT L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk Workstation

A perfect workstation would be one that’s comfortable and takes up less space, while providing enough room for all your work tools. A perfect workstation would be Vinext’s L-shaped Workstation. The metal frame desk, sand black in texture, holds a remarkable 138 by 138 by 76cm dimension. Its double, detachable shelves provides extra room for files. A perfect combination of colors makes this an eye wonder when placed in your living room. Above all, the setup is seamless, making this a perfect choice for your home.

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While working from home, efficient productivity is a must and to achieve that, you need the right combination of comfort, time management and discipline. The above workstations guarantee you comfort and set you up for an amazing work experience.