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10 Best UV Phone Sanitizers

The smartphone is the most used item in a human’s possession and it unknowingly happens to be the dirtiest. Sanitizing your phone will be the least on your mind because all you consider is sanitizing your hands. While you take care of your hands after a long day, it is okay to also remember to take care of your smartphone because it has attracted the most dirt than even your hands. Sanitizing your phone like you will do your hands is the least you can do, but how can one go about sanitizing their phones? There are lots of phone sanitizers in the market that you can use in sanitizing your phone, however, you should know that some are better than some. Hence, below is a compilation of the best 10 UV phone sanitizers that you can choose from. 

Homesoap UV sanitizer 

One of the most popular phone sanitizers that don’t just work for phones but it can also be used for sanitizing other household items. It comes with two UV lights that ensure your phone is properly sanitized and it also has enough space for two phones. The UV lights that your phone is 99% bacteria-free under 10minutes, which means you don’t need to leave your phone in there for hours. Available here.

Icyber UV phone sanitizer


The iCyber phone sanitizer is one of the best sanitizers that comes with two UV lamps on both sides with the capacity of disinfecting your phones 100%. It can also be used to disinfect other household items like your remote, keys, brush, etc. It comes with an in-built USB charger that can be used in charging your smartphones. It is very portable and can be carried around. Available here

Phonesoap 3 UV phone sanitizer 

The phonesoap phone sanitizer comes in different vibrant colors which you can choose from. You can pick up any color that suits your style. It is compatible with any phone be it iPhone, tablet, or android, and it also comes with a USB cable which means you can charge your phone while sanitizing it. Using the phonesoap sanitizer, your phone will be free from bacteria. Available here.  

Top4cus UV-C smartphone sanitizer 

The top4cus phone sanitizer is able to kill 99% of germs from your phone and every other unwashable item. It comes with a wireless charger that can be used to charge your phone while sanitizing it. It kills every bacteria on your phone and other household devices. It is portable and can be carried out anywhere you go. Available here.

Futurecharger smartphone sanitizer 

The futurecharger phone sanitizer is highly effective when it comes to sterilizing your phone. Its UV light is able to cleanse your phone within eight minutes, it is durable and comes with a one year warranty. It is very convenient to be carried about and it has enough space to sanitize your whole phone. It is very easy to operate and keeps your phone free from bacteria within a few minutes. Available here.  

Elewelt UV phone sanitizer 

The portable elewelt phone sanitizer comes with a double UV light that is capable of sanitizing your phone under 5 minutes. It can be used to also sanitize other household items that cannot be washed and it is highly effective. It is suitable for all phone types and it is capable of removing 99% germs from your phone and other items. It can be carried about with ease and it is easy to operate. Available here.

Disunme UV phone sanitizer


With its for UVC bulbs, it is highly effective and can sanitize your phone within 5 minutes. It kills 100% of bacteria and germs on your phone without destroying it because it has no chemical in it. It is also capable of sterilizing other items like your watch, brush, remote, etc. It is suitable for almost every phone and also wide enough to contain 2 phones at the same time or several items at the same time. Available here.

Moskee cell phone sanitizer 

The Moskee phone sanitizer comes with a UV light disinfectant that is highly effective in sterilizing your phones and other items. It kills 99.9% of bacteria from your phone within 3 minutes, it is suitable for every phone that is six inches, comes with a cable that can be used in charging your phone. While sanitizing your phone, you can put a few drops of aroma in it while sanitizing your phone to freshen it. It is also portable and easy to carry about. Available here.

Luffyhh cell phone sanitizer


The luffyhh sanitizer is highly effective and not just sterilizes your phone alone, but alongside other household items. It contains no chemical or heat which makes it the right phone sanitizer. It is suitable for all phone types, it is portable and can be carried around all the time. It comes with a USB cable that allows you to charge your device while sanitizing it, and it comes with a UV light bulb that kills bacteria from your phone within a few minutes. Available here.

Tekitsfun UV phone sanitizer 

The tekitsfun sanitizer is highly effective and happens to be one of the best sanitizers. The UV light makes it possible to clean every bacteria from your phone within five minutes of the cleaning process. It kills germs instantly and has a nice aroma that makes your phone smell nice. It is suitable for all kinds of phones and other little items you wish to sanitize. It is portable and can be carried around easily. It automatically goes off on its own if it is not in use. Available here.

At this trying period where coronavirus is spreading like wildfire, health practitioners have advised the world to stay safe by always sanitizing their hands. However, not only your hands need sanitizing, but your phone also needs to be sanitized because it attracts the most dirt and cannot be washed. Hence, the above-mentioned phone sanitizers are the best that you can get. They come at different prices so you can find one that fits into your budget.